Day 37: Special Guest Blog by Bill Chayes, Film Producer

I had long hoped to make a film about my Pacific row to help me get across my environmental message, so I was delighted to find the perfect film partner in Bill Chayes. As well as being an all-round great guy, he shares my vision for an environmental documentary, loosely based around my rowing adventures, that we can market on both sides of the Atlantic. … Continued

Day 36: Sometimes I Sits And Thinks?

.and sometimes I just sits. Today I have mostly just sat – and that in itself is a rare treat. For anybody. The world is an increasingly hectic place, and we all seem to be so busy, busy, busy doing I’m-not-sure-what – that just sitting and doing nothing is a dying art. I certainly can’t remember the last time I did it. Maybe one Sunday … Continued

Day 35: Welcome To My World Part 5 – Ocean Nights

The last part of my mini-series on a day in the life of an ocean rower. Today – nights. Or more specifically, sleeping, or what passes for it on the ocean. Back in 2000-2001 I lived for 18 months in New York’s Greenwich Village (West 11th and Bleecker, if you want to know), regularly commuting between there and London. Something about all the transatlantic travel … Continued

Day 34: No Emergency Exit

Further to the watermaker issue, somebody suggested that maybe I should abandon my voyage. With apologies and all due respect to that person, this really made me smile. As I said in the podcast yesterday morning, this is not like a big city marathon, where I could just decide, “Hey, this isn’t going so well, maybe ocean rowing isn’t the sport for me after all” … Continued

Day 33: Waterworld

Today I ran a performance test on my emergency standby watermaker. Maybe it should have been a clue that the guy in the picture on the instruction booklet is sitting in a liferaft, and that the watermaker is called the “Survivor 06″ (message to Chris Rosamond – yes, the one you hoped it wasn’t!). This contraption really is designed just to keep you alive, and … Continued