.and sometimes I just sits. Today I have mostly just sat – and that in itself is a rare treat. For anybody. The world is an increasingly hectic place, and we all seem to be so busy, busy, busy doing I’m-not-sure-what – that just sitting and doing nothing is a dying art. I certainly can’t remember the last time I did it. Maybe one Sunday afternoon in 2005, I think.

I rowed for a couple of hours this morning against a headwind from the southwest, but as the day went on the wind freshened to the point where it made more sense to put out the sea anchor and wait for this uncharacteristic wind (caused by a weak low pressure to the north of me) to change.

So it turned into a very unusual day – a day when it made no sense to row, but the conditions were calm and the deck was a pleasant and safe place to be. The sun was shining and the air was warm, so I was wearing nothing but a baseball cap. Unexpected visitors are not a hazard out here. And I knew the phone wouldn’t ring because it was turned off.

I felt calm and pleasantly alone in my watery world – it seemed as if I had the whole ocean to myself. The water gurgled companionably along the sides of my boat, and a soft breeze lifted the British red ensign flying from the roof of the aft cabin.

I pottered. I tidied the forward cabin, aired my sleeping bag, put some sprouting beans to soak. I pumped water at a leisurely pace while I listened to Bill Clinton telling me about his life in his alluringly croaky southern tones.

And betweentimes I just did nothing. I sat, and looked at the sea, and the sky, and the clouds, and the sun. Not a thought in my head, except how deliciously peaceful it all was.


[photo: tonight’s sunset, photographed from inside my cabin where I am sitting typing this blog]

Other stuff:

As you might remember from my World Oceans Day blog, The BLUE Project (for which I am a BLUE Ambassador) is asking people to make BLUE Pledges – something that you are going to do to make your life more green (or blue). Like using only reusable grocery bags, or using a reusable drinks mug for your coffee shop visits, or reducing your carbon footprint by 5% over the coming year.

This is all part of a concerted campaign to support the Marine Bill currently going through the UK parliament, but the pledges are not restricted to UK citizens. After all, we are all connected by the oceans!

The deadline for pledges is 14th July – just 2 weeks away. Please, please, please make a pledge. All the pledges will be printed out on big boards and presented in support of the Bill. We are aiming for a total of 100,000 pledges – so please do your bit and move us one pledge closer to our target!

And get all your friends and family to make pledges too. Again, I stress that this is open to people of all nationalities. Go to www.theblueproject.org and click on the Make a BLUE Pledge button. I’m going to keep nagging you about this every day from now until the 14th, so you may as well get it over and done with and do it now!

Thanks to all who have been following my blogs and podcasts, and have written in to let me know. You know the saying, “I want to be the person my dog thinks I am”? Well, I think I want to be the person some of you think I am – your kind comments and your faith in me really help keep me going when I have my moments of doubt. I will do my best to live up to your expectations!

Special thanks to Nevada Bev, for reminding me that being in over one’s head is the best way to find skills you never knew you had! And for mentioning Bolinas – a town that has a special place in my heart (hello Aenor and Melinda!).

Position Sunday evening: 29 41 87N, 125 19 62W.

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