Bad news today. I cannot get the watermaker to work.

It ran well on Friday, then sputtered to a halt after a minute or so on both Saturday and Sunday, and today again gave up the attempt after a short and feeble effort.

I spent a couple of hours alternating phone calls to Darren at Spectra Watermakers, and head down in the watermaker hatch. I was trying to find signs of corrosion resulting from its dunking a couple of weeks ago, when the hatch flooded, but all the wiring looked fine as far as I could see.

There is one more option still to try – the corrosion may be in the switch panel in the cabin, which also got rather damp during the rough weather – and I will investigate that tomorrow.

But for now it’s looking as if water is going to be in short supply for the rest of my voyage. I used the manual watermaker for a few minutes today, just to test it out. It is hard work, and yields water by the drop, rather than by the pint, let alone the gallon. It will keep me alive when my water reserves run out in a couple of weeks.

Surprisingly, I am not too despondent now I have got used to the idea. It was becoming very wearing on the nerves, wondering each day if the watermaker was going to work or not. If it is really dead, it is almost a relief to know for sure how things are, rather than living with perpetual hope and frequent disappointment.

But the manual watermaker really is not a great option. So if you hear of any leisure craft heading out from San Diego bound for Hawaii, who might be able to resupply a thirsty rower, let me know.

[photo: me with my waterbottle – every drop now will be precious!]

Other stuff:

Rowing hard (when not head down in watemaker hatch), trying to put as many miles between me and 124 degrees west as I can. Conditions are rough, and I’m having to row across the swells which is uncomfortable, jarring, and results in frequent soakings, but hopefully will prove worthwhile in the end.

I have just read all the lovely messages and comments that Mum has sent through to me. They have really cheered me up. Thank you!

I am really sorry but I don’t have the energy right now to respond to them individually – tonight I am feeling rather worn out after an emotionally fraying day..

So for tonight just a very quick hello to some people I know – Trish Caldwell, Minette, Chris Martin, Joni and the boys, Derrick and Elizabeth Pitard, and Kristina Ensminger.

And to everyone else – thank you for all the positive vibes. They really help. I know I am not alone.

Position from Roz Monday night: 31 35 15N, 124 31 99W

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