Further to the watermaker issue, somebody suggested that maybe I should abandon my voyage. With apologies and all due respect to that person, this really made me smile.

As I said in the podcast yesterday morning, this is not like a big city marathon, where I could just decide, “Hey, this isn’t going so well, maybe ocean rowing isn’t the sport for me after all” – then pull over to the side, stop running, and catch a bus to the finish.

Abandonment of my voyage simply is not an option. Apart from the fact that I am too stubborn, too proud, and too determined to quit, abandonment is logistically almost impossible – because even if I decided to quit, that still leaves me and my boat bobbing around about 500 miles off the coast of America.

I would not call the Coast Guard, partly because I am beyond their reach, but mostly because they exist to assist those in “immediate and grave danger”, not to help hapless adventurers who swamp their watermakers.

Nor would I want to call on other vessels for help – I got myself into this situation, and it is down to me to get myself out of it.

And even if anybody were able to pick me up, they probably would not be able to salvage my boat, which would then become yet another piece of flotsam polluting the North Pacific (as well as being my only worldly possession of any value, and my means of making a living).

This is the invigorating thing, and also the scary thing, about oceans and any other vast wilderness. Once you get yourself out here, you really have nobody to rely on but yourself. No matter what happens, you just have to figure out how to deal with it.

On the ocean, there is no emergency exit!

[photo: the TomTom GPS from my car is rather confused to find itself in the middle of the Pacific.]

Other stuff:

Today I had phone conversations with Rich Crow, who did most of the work on my boat, and with Kyle at Spectra Watermakers. They have promised we will get my watermaker working again. Their optimism has proved contagious, and my hopes have revived. Conditions should be calm tomorrow, so I plan to try out their new suggestions then. I daren’t get too excited, in case it doesn’t work out, but if it does, not only will I be totally ecstatic about regaining my self-sufficiency (and the facility to wash once in a while) but I will be so damned proud of myself for overcoming my fix-o-phobia where the watermaker is concerned.

Conditions today have been getting calmer as the day has gone on. Grey sky, grey sea. It tried to drizzle a couple of times but generally failed. Not enough rainwater to bathe a flea.

Katharine Weber – New Leaf in Half Moon Bay sounds exactly like my kind of store. I will be sure to drop in there the next time I am in the area. HMB is a great place – that’s where I did a photo shoot with Elena and Aleksey , who took some fabulous black and whites.

Thanks for comments from Tod, Allen Bussell (I think you’re right – it’s knowing I don’t have the choice that makes me crave some different foods!), Loree Burns (hope the strategy worked with the picky eater!), Roger M, Jon S, Conrad (well done on the 5% weight loss! The Square Mile Run – I remember it well!) – and a special hello to Aenor, who has faced battles tougher than mine, and is a great inspiration.

– and all the regulars! (you know who you are.)

Good to see Marine Track on board again!
Lastest position from Roz: 29 42 24N 125 31 63W

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