Me with event co-host James Lush

I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who came along to the UWA Boat Shed for our fundraising event last night, and contributed to a very successful and memorable evening. We raised about $2,000, and had a tremendous time to boot. It was fantastic to see so many people there, and thanks also to those who joined us for an afterglow event at The Greenhouse in Perth.

I’d like to say a few special thank yous –

James Lush, of course, for donating his time and lending his support to my cause – and asking some real humdingers of questions

A good crowd - in every sense

Rob McSporran and Natalie Joachim of Sea To Summit, for kindly donating of all kinds of essential items for my voyage (freeze dried meals, Smartwool apparel, Jetboil stove, drybags galore etc etc), and for providing the drybags that James gave out as prizes last night

Jeanette Meakins and the UWA staff, for supplying the logistics and a gorgeous venue

Michael Haluwana from The Apple Store Perth Business Team for videoing the event (Part 1 now available online)

The event was videoed and is now available online

Colin Leonhardt, who took these fantastic photos of the proceedings

June Barnard, for organizing the whole shebang and laying on the yummy nibbles (and carrying the whole lot from the bus stop!)

And of course to all of you who spread the word, came along and supported and donated. I really couldn’t do what I do without the support of countless people, both here in Western Australia and around the world. I will probably never know how many thousands of hours of human effort have gone into helping me along my way, but I do know that when I am out on the ocean and the going gets tough, it is the thought of all that love and support that keeps me going.

Thank you.

An audience-eye view

And just so you know, some news hot off the press. This morning I spoke with Lee Bruce, my weatherman in the US, and he has advised against a Wednesday morning departure. Not much point heading out into a westerly wind that is trying to push me back to shore. So we are now looking much more likely for sunrise on Friday 8th April.

I know it is meant to be unlucky to leave port on a Friday, but I reckon it would also be unlucky to leave port straight into a headwind. I’ll check it out with Poseidon and see if he’ll let me get away with it…


  • Definitely love and support you, Roz.

    This morning, as always, I learned something new from you as I enjoyed On your positive, energetic and enthusiastic recommendation I decided to start my days with PEE … sorta like tai chi in a way!

    Thanks for all things spiritual and mundane.


  • I guess unimportant when you think of what Roz is about to begin in 7 days, and all of the environmental stuff that she and most everyone here is working for, But, OMG, Look at the smile at the top of today’s Blog… That smile could “carry me” through the most “difficult seas” of life… Sorry, Too corny for all the important stuff here…

    • Richard, I agree 100%. Even ‘corny’ counts in these ‘important’ endeavors when it ‘s true. We are lucky the photographer captured Roz’s wonderful smile … truly inspirational!

  • Hey Roz: (Being funny, I guess.) Being the Captain of your ship, Can you marry people? Can a Captain perform their own Marriage Ceremony? I have always wanted to get married at sea – and this would save us some money, for more important things, if you can perform your own/our ceremony? Only Kidding – Just hope I generated that smile at the top of this/today’s Blog again!!! Wow, What a smile!!! But seriously, The Captain of the Martha’s Vineyard Ferry is doing more and more “Quickie” Weddings on the short trip from Woods Hole to Martha’s Vineyard – might be a way to raise money for your next NJ – London row… You have thousands of followers, Certainly some of them get married from time to time, and would be thrilled to pay you to officiate…

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