This Thursday I will be speaking at the University of Western Australia Boat Shed on Hackett Drive in Crawley. 6pm. In fact, you kind of get two for the price of one, because I will be “in conversation with” James Lush from ABC Perth. More information here.

Completely random pic of me on top of a mountain, because I'd rather be in my "happy place" than battling with technology!

So if you happen to find yourself in Perth, join us, or if you know somebody who lives here, please pass the word along. The more the merrier!

And if you happen to know a friendly neighbourhood geek in Perth who knows about Macbooks and satphones, let me know. Due to circumstances beyond my control, my tech setup is still not working, with just one week to go before launch. I have spent my afternoon battling with technology, mostly from the middle of the car park so the satphone could get a clear view of the sky. But to no avail. Anybody with experience of OCENS (aka XGate) would be especially welcome.

So if you’d like me to be able to post blogs from the ocean, and know someone who can help, please give me a shout!


  • Hey Roz:

    I have a few techie friends, I have passed the word… In the meantime, The pic with this Blog is Amazing and Beautiful… Odd way to word it I guess, I shows EVERYTHING “Beautiful” that we should be working for to make things better for all – The Planet & Its Creatures, Including Our Friends & Loves and Ourselves, Therefore Everyone & Everything…

    • PS Roz: Just got word, My “Grapevine” is working on the SatPhone, MacBook and Ocean Blogging as we speak… Answers soon, I hope… Once “stupid” comment (their word) was that the hoped your SatPhone was “Southern Hemisphere Aligned” – that it was search for Southern Hemisphere Communications Satellites, Not Northern – “which it will never find anywhere near Perth.”

      • Sorry for all the Early TX morning typos corrected here, “Just got word, My “Grapevine” is working on the SatPhone, MacBook and Ocean Blogging as we speak… Answers soon, I hope… One “stupid” comment (their word) was that they hoped your SatPhone was “Southern Hemisphere Aligned” – that it was searching for Southern Hemisphere Communications Satellites, Not Northern – “which it will never find anywhere near Perth.”

    • Hey Roz, A quick follow-up, because it might be confusing otherwise… Apparently one of my second “Degree of Separation” friends is a true Techie… He goes by the name of Rick… He is studying the SatPhone and service that you have – their specs and the like – at the moment, and apparently he knows the MacBook and “Remote Blogging” as well… Hopefully he will get back to you at the end of the workday (here) today – if not sooner…

  • Hey Roz: A good friend of mine, Kimberly Dawn Newmann, a regular writer and Blogger for Yahoo and others, may be contacting you here to help set-up a Blog from the Indian Ocean leg of your amazing endeavor… Kimberly writes on everything from Fitness – next to you, probably the most fit woman I have ever known – to Relationships, and is one of Yahoo’s most popular Writers/Bloggers… She might be a great moderator to collect all of the Blog Comments, pass them along to you at one time, and to post your responses when you have time to respond… Between her contacts at Yahoo, and Techie Types in the remote Blogging Biz, in New York City’s Media group she works with on a regular basis, I have a feeling that she could get this set-up in no time…

    • Richard – that sounds like a great contact, and I’m sure it would be a huge relief to my Long-Suffering Mother to have someone else take care of this task. Please tell Kimberley to give me a shout!

      • Hey Roz: Reading the recent post from JT here is SO depressing – so Small Picture, So scientifically wrong, So grammatically incorrect, So Self-Important and Self-Centered, Makes me really worried about the Big Picture – and leaves me wondering why I keep dealing with all the weekly to monthly surgeries to be here fighting for TFWP and the like for such small minded people like him and even A FEW others posting here who GO OUT OF THEIR WAY too poo poo everything good to make them feel better about their lousy lives… Mine has its weekly “Nuisances” as I call them… But, I would not trade places with many – many have it much worse than I… BUT, If the biggest concern in someone’s life is a cell phone and lap top’s “Radiation” in the middle of the Indian Ocean, then they are one of the few people whose lives I WOULD like to trade places with… He and his life sound like a delightful macaroon…

        Anyway!!! I think Kimberly or one of her contacts at Yahoo News or one of the other Online News/Blogging Agencies will be in touch very soon…

        The completion of your next goal is getting closer by the minute…

  • I would like to sat that you are very selfish and you should go across the ocean with out a phone and laptop witch causes raidiation. Also, do something for the environment not yourself.

    • Well Johnson Tyler I don’t think that the note that you sent me was very nice. Also, I need this laptop to blog on my blog spot.

    • Mr Tyler, you poor soul. Right index finger for “y” not left index finger for “t”. One word, “without”. “Which” (unless you were still trying to be funny). No “i” in the first part of “radiation”. Kudos on spelling “environment” correctly: I had doubts there for a tad. Best to learn how to spell gee eee dee prior to getting on forum…

      The replies to your own post suggest a bi-polar or schizophrenic component.

      In all gravity, if this is some cry for psychological help, I urge you to either seek help immediately on your own or at the very least, respond with the city/country in which you live so that myself or other concerned parties are able to respond with appropriate direction to such facility. Please spell the city and country of where you are staying sufficiently enough to be recognizable, suggest one index finger (so as not to get too confused) and ample time. Also suggest checking blood sugar if you are diabetic and allowing any toxicants to metabolize if you are in fact inebriated.

      However, if you are enjoying yourself, please do not let me be your buzz-kill. Enjoy yourself and the simple pleasures of your own achievements.

    • I agree with JT! He opened up my eyes. YOU go JT! Roz, your doing something for yourself (no offense i’m sure ur a gr8 person) but please, youre not helping anyone by rowing across the world!!!
      -★- Ariana and Arabella

  • Hi Roz:

    I just stumbled onto your Newsweek article.

    It doesn’t give a lot of detail about why you dumped your husband other than that you were going through something that you are not sure ought to be called a midlife crisis. Do you now have any clarity on this question? Would you be willing to share your feelings on this?

    The reason I am asking is because my wife of 14 years cheated on me, got 3 boob jobs in a nine month period, multiple plastic surgeries on her face, divorced me and tried to take my daughter away through numerous misrepresentations of the truth in court. The weird thing is she was goergeous before all of this and she was only 37 when it started. Her behavior seems to suggest some sort of midlife crisis.

    I stumbled onto your article because I was looking for answers to the most painful chapter of my life. So, I wonder if you can shed any light from what you are going through?

    H. King

    • HK, To me this sounds a little different than just a mid-life crisis… It sounds like she never grew up… Married with family in her early 20’s, IN HER MIND, missed the chance to be 20-something as a result, now at 37 wants to be 20-something again – to recapture what she missed, and in her mind 20-somethings have boyfriends and perky boobs, explaining the affair and boobs… Sad all around!!! I have always said women are at their best when they reach 40 – Confident about the future and where they are going, Comfortable with who they are and where they have been… She will never experience that! Her loss – and ours… We, The World, can use more great women over 40, and less trying to be children again – and ending up just being childish for life as a result…

    • Hey Roz
      Is there enough room on your boat for H. King?

      It sounds like he needs to focus on himself similar to what you do, act, and say.


      • With Roz? No thanks. I already have abandonment issues and her track record doen’t instill confidence!


        • HK, People stick with what is important to them most of the time – if communication lines are open… Your wife moved on because she could not deal with what was missing from HER point of view… No one could do what Roz is doing, and has done, if she abandoned anything worth saving… That SHOULD instill confidence in you to do the same thing, Move On… Nothing lasts unless all those involved – one or billions, or anything in-between, want to meet the challenge of making it last and making it survive… None of us can make it alone, as well as we can make it working together – including with individual goals…

  • Hi Ross
    I went to your talk last night at UWA. You really are amazing!

    You said that you would be happy if everyone had an epiphany and stopped using plastic bags and plastic water bottles. I stopped using both a while back, but I haven’t been an active campaigner to my friends and family. I will be now!

    Also, I’ve been following your blog for a couple of years (and love it!). I hadn’t realised the cost to blog and talk while you’re on the sea. I think nothing of paying for books, newspapers and magazines so now I think I’ll make a donation when I read your blogs at sea. I encourage others to do the same.

    I’m off to buy a mile and donate some money to your extraordinary expedition.

    All the best,


    PS I bought your book too. I stayed up way too late last night reading it. It’s a cracker of a read – I highly recommend it.

  • Dear Roz

    You have to expect a little more scrutiny with your recently published column in Newsweek magazine. It comes with the territory. And I still feel strongly that your endeavors are actually your desires and ambitions wrapped in the cloak of quasi environmental “good deeds”.

    As a point of information, are you a 501c3 entity? Are you USA incorporated? My question or inquiry is – are you a charitable corporation and are donations tax exempt? If you are not, then the tax code clearly states what you are – a “for-profit” endeavor put together so you can follow your wants, needs, and desires . . . while pandering to environmental “speak” with very little or no empirical results.


    • Lbn: So stupid, So small-minded, Such a small picture of the world you have – and I run a TX Non-Profit Corporation… If you are saying that there is no reason for anyone to do anything for the greater good, unless they are non-profit, 501 (c) 3 – which is a U.S. thing anyway – and Roz is a Citizen of Great Britain, Then, with all due respect, You are a macaroon!

  • I agree with JT! He opened up my eyes. YOU go JT! Roz, your doing something for yourself (no offense i’m sure ur a gr8 person) but please, youre not helping anyone by rowing across the world!!!

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