The final few days in the run-up to an expedition can be challenging. To Do lists seem never-ending and unachievable. Finances look precarious. During the day I keep plugging away (“one oarstroke at a time”) but at 3am I lie awake, the tasks still to be done buzzing around in my head like so many angry bees.

But then once in a while there is a day when it all comes good, and the To Do list suddenly looks almost do-able. Today was one of those days.

Sedna at the RPYC Annexe in Fremantle

My marvellous team of new friends / volunteers turned up at the Fremantle Annexe of the Royal Perth Yacht Club, ready, willing and able to help out. We cleaned, packed, arranged and organized. By the end of the day much of the work was done, with most of the outstanding tasks being the ones that only I can do.

Oh, and the small matter of a sliding seat that thinks it is a fixed seat. But nothing that can’t be mended.

Huge thanks to Sally, Margot, John, June, Pippa, Col and Rob. Rob (Eustace), incidentally, is setting out on his own trans-Indian adventure a couple of days after I do, but from much further up the coast (smart man!). Meanwhile, thanks, Rob, for mucking in and helping out with the Purple Peril!

Oars from Sawyers Paddles and Oars - solid Oregon ash

Would love to write more, but it has been a full-on day in the baking Australian sunshine. So I am going to go and hit the hay, and make the most of one of my last few nights in a large, comfortable bed that doesn’t move!




Margot creating variety packs of Larabars. Yummm!









We all need some cosmic love. Thanks to Samudra of Western Australia for the nuts.
Pass me that thingy, will you?
Adjusting the oars to avoid a thumb-bashing
Enjoying some well-earned cold ones from the Little Creatures brewery after a hard day's work
A glorious end to a productive day


  • Your journey continues to inspire me and I’m so glad to hear you had a productive day. I hope your sleep well tonight and get the rest you so deserve. Looking forward to reading more!

    You’re awesome!

  • The last two pictures above ARE PERFECT, “Cold Ones” followed by the “Blurry”, “Glorious end to a Productive Day”… “Cold Ones” will do that to you sometimes… Thank Heavens for Roz!!!

  • Sending love and prayer for a safe journey. I’ll be with you in spirit. Row on Roz!

  • Love coming at you from all around the world. Sure to cloak you with an invisible shield of thoughts and prayers! Good Luck Roz! Much Love and Hugs, Karen

  • Hey Roz, When I was on the U.S. Olympic Sailing Team, I could never remember the names of all those “Line Thingys” either… So I simply rigged the boat with a different colored line for everyone we used on a regular basis… Then all I had to say to my crew was, “Pull the Red Line, Let out the Blue.” The boat looked awful – with all the different colored lines, and others hated me for doing this, “That’s Not Sailing!”, But, I think some of their resentment was that I won an awful lot of races simplifying the process this way – even if it looked lousy… I’m not too pretty anyway, Why should my boat be – was my attitude… So, Just keep calling those whatchamacallits, “Thingys” – it will be fine!!!

  • Roz, for some reason these come to me hours later …

    cosmic love cluster
    marvellous team of new friends
    head buzzing relief

    All best to you. We all love you, Roz!

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