Photo by Doug DeMark.

This morning I was at the boat recording an interview with the guys from EcoTrek, and Christian asked me if I am courageous. I don’t really think that I am. Or at least, I’m not fearless. I wouldn’t be human if in the wee small hours of the night I didn’t have a few flutters of nerves, and a little surge of adrenaline.

When I have those mini-panics, I have to sternly remind myself that I have done this several times before. So has my boat. We are both tried and tested.

If the scale of the challenge seems daunting, I have to remind myself to just take it one day at a time. There will just be a few more of those days than in any of my other voyages.

And I have to stay focused on my goal – not just the geographical goal, but the much more important goal of spreading the good green word. That mission is what keeps me going.

Because if we don’t wise up soon and start taking better care of our planet, our only home, we are heading rapidly for deep trouble, and a very bleak future. Now THAT is worth being afraid of.

Sea Turtle

Other Stuff:

This morning we did the last few bit and pieces of prep at the boat. Loaded the water ballast, turned on the Solaradata unit, tested incoming messages on the satphone, and generally primped the boat ready for her big day tomorrow. I installed Woody the Pirate (from Mariya), Zen Dog (from Romy) and a Hawaiian turtle decal (honu). Also a piece of silver stuck in a champagne cork (thanks Marian) and a penguin feather from my Antarctic trip. Plus regular crewmates Quackers the Duck (Eric) and Squishy the Dolphin (Sharon).

Superstitious, me?!

My next blog will be from the ocean. About 16 hours from now I will be pushing off from the dock in Fremantle, at about 6.30 local time. Watch out ocean, here I come!


  • Emotions to tears to read your words and share a piece of your feelings …I follow you, and share your mission – Love & Luck & Skills, Jenny*

  • Make sure you do run over a check list for the critical and bare essentials
    one more time. Be safe and remember many are focused on you to achieve your important goals for our planet Thanks.
    I feel you will be back like second nature in short order nerves running strong!.

  • Hi Roz, Really wish I was there to see you off….but still in NZ. You have a contingent of companions though crewing with you on the way. I am forwarding ‘funding’ for some miles and will do that periodically throughout. I know that you will be watchful and roll with the waves. This has got to be exceptionally anticipated. Maybe catch up again in HK. Go Roz, Go…

  • Roz,
    Will there be any live web coverage of your departure, and if so, what’s the URL? With TWIT.TV covering the NAB show live, I don’t suppose I’ll find you over there this time.

    Good luck, and watch out for Captain Sparrow.

  • Roz, As usual, Amazing words – Great photo as usual too… Don’t know if this will help… I have had Cancer for 37 years – 400+ surgeries to keep it in check all those years… Then there was the recent 28 Day coma – unrelated to the cancer (Where I developed the idea for my environmental non-profit), dying three times in the process, and the 4+ month recovery from it all… All of this being an unimportant part, what I call my “Nuisance Routine”, of what has otherwise been an amazing life – hence all the Biopic/Movie interest of late… All of that, except for the movie stuff and other stuff that lies ahead, is behind me now, making the rest of my “journey” easier… It sounds like you touched on the same thing in your words this morning – You have done this all before… As far as this being the longest leg of your multi-legged journey, yeah it is… BUT, a lot more of your multi-legged “journey” is behind now you than lies ahead… Look at what you have accomplished in all the previous legs of this journey, including what you have left behind as this leg progresses (You will be facing the right way to do that – Chuckle) – it will make what lies ahead easier to accomplish… I have to do that… At 53 – oddly all of my family having lived to 83, with 37 years of my “journey” behind me, I am more than half-way done… Thoughts, Prayers, Positive Energy ALL flowing your way for these next months – and forever after that!!!

  • Oh Roz! How exciting. Traveling Mercies go with you as you depart. Will be contributing to the journey (I didn’t have my credit card this am).

    Tailwinds! (this is what they say to long distance bike riders – so it seems to apply to you as well.)


  • “Courage is the price that Life exacts for granting peace, The soul that knows it not, knows no release from little things.”

    Amelia Earhart

  • Watch Roz’s launch live … tune in to

    06:30 (AM WST Wednesday) in Fremantle, Australia (UT+8)
    01:30 (AM EET Wednesday)
    00:30 (AM CET Wednesday)
    23:30 (PM GMT Tuesday)
    18:30 (PM EDT Tuesday)
    17:30 (PM CDT Tuesday)
    16:30 (PM MDT Tuesday)
    15:30 (PM PDT Tuesday)
    12:30 (PM Hawaii Tuesday)

    Roz, around the world, we are all rooting for a successful launch

    All Best,


  • Have a fantastic day at sea Roz, and with the beginning of your “wait training.” I think Chris, our massage therapist, would advise lots of water drinking in this phase of getting-used-to-it again. We and the chickens are all rooting for you.

    Joan in Atlanta

  • Yippy! She’ off & rowing.

    We saw Roz off this morning. Very exciting! Plenty of Media Attention & the wonder Col taking pretty pics. Can’t wait to see the Helicopter footage. A big cheer went up Roz gave June the final hug goodbye (were those tears in your eyes June?) then matter-a-factly jumped into her purple home & rowed off into the quietly waking Fremantle morning.
    I was thinking of Rita across the other side of the world & hoping she knows how much of an impact her lovely daughter has made in many lives (including mine) here in Fremantle/Perth.


  • I am so inspired by and connected to your journey. I found you when you were on your way out of SF to Hawaii and have been pulling for your ever since. I feel connected to your journey and when I have been out on the ocean in my kayak I float and think about how brave, adventurous and totally rockin you are! You give us all the strength to live our purpose and our dreams.
    Stay safe and protected. I can’t wait to watch your journey. Will you be on Leo’s weekly webcast?


  • Good luck Roz,

    It was such a pleasure chatting to you on that flight from Hawaii three weeks ago. We are following your journey with interest and hope and inspration from your courage. We wish you all the very best and safe travels.
    Gillian and Michael Colledge

  • Lady, your’e NUTS!!! IVE BEEN OUT THERE!!! I sponsored mile 182 for you. I support your views on plastic waste, hope you have fun, (yeah, right), will follow this and pray you remain safe. 70 foot swells out there.

  • Remember… “Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors.” Bon Voyage Roz, God be with YOU. We are. Linda

  • Amazing effort..well done and I hope its a trouble free (as much as it can be) row. Im a passionate environmentalist in Melbourne Australia and find the level of apathy and ignorance I come across very frustrating. Reading what your doing gives me an inspiration ‘kick up the butt’ to what one person can achieve.

    May the wind be at your back and your arms never tire!

  • I stayed up until midnight (UK time) to watch Roz’s departure, and was so disappointed by the video – I saw the boat sitting on the water and very little else. I did make out Roz’s laugh amidst the other faint noises. Thanks for the many kind messages sent to me; thanks to for the continuing stream of sponsored miles – my daughter has some wonderful supporters!
    Greetings to all – Rita Savage.

  • Wow! Roz, I’ve only just heard about you from the BBC site. I then had to look you up on Wikipedia. Amazing stuff! Good luck with your voyage. Please God, keep her safe and strong.

  • Hey Roz, first reaction was ‘this girls mad’. Having read up on you this morning my reaction now is ‘wow’ what a superstar!! I know Dee Caffari a bit from my sailing exploits but you’re right up there with her! Pretty sure you haven’t shown the Health & Safety brigade your risk assessments as if you had i’m sure they wouldn’t have let you out of Fremantle Harbour hehe! Along with a growing army of supporters i’ll be following you with interest & anticipation. Good luck with your latest adventure. Glyn

  • Oh how I wish that you stopped in Colombo, Sri Lanka on your way to India. You could have enjoyed a taste of Sri Lankan hospitality, while we cheered you on. Good Luck 🙂
    Sami the mermaid

  • Good luck and happy rowing, Roz!!! You’re an inspiration!!! Stay safe! Thanks for sharing your journey with all of us xxx

  • Good luck, good luck, good luck! I would have to say you are very courageous. And that I’m very glad your courage is opening the world to all of us without it.

  • This is Linda of Linda and Ron from the Antarctica voyage. We wish you all the best on this venture. And thank you for letting us into the mind of a true adventurer!

  • Someone was concerned about the links at the top of the page. Reply from the webmaster is: “User needs to shift-refresh their browser or clear cache.”
    Hope this helps. Rita.

  • All best Roz, it is Will Power! Woman, you will do it! Connect to God, in these Panic moments, He is the one! X AnaLu

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