Sedna now all stickered up and ready to go. Photo by June Barnard.

Since I last wrote, launch day has been pushed back again, by 24 hours, but is now holding steady and looking good for early Wednesday morning Fremantle time, which will be Tuesday night Pacific time.

This seemed a good time to let you know how you can follow along with my adventure over the coming few months, and point out a few new features of my website.

Conspicuous by its absence will be the RozTracker (aka EpicTracker). Due to increasing pirate activity in the Indian Ocean, we have deemed it prudent not to post my position online. So the map of my route will not be revealed until I am safely back on dry land, but there will be many other ways to follow my progress.

Blog: as always, I will be blogging daily on this website. Technology permitting (as it didn’t last year!) I will also be posting photos of me, my boat, sea, and sky. And anything more interesting that crosses my path and hangs around long enough to be photographed. You can sign up to get my blogs via email, if you prefer, by entering your email address in the box to the right —-> where it says “receive blog via email”.

Twitter: whenever I feel inspired.

Podcast: I’ll be checking in weekly with Vic Phillipson to continue the Roz Roams podcast.

Facebook: Tweets and blog alerts will also be posted to my personal and public pages on Facebook.

Live webcast of departure: we’re planning to livestream my departure on Wednesday morning via Ustream. I’ll post the details as soon as I get them, including the URL where you can watch live as I launch myself on an unsuspecting Indian Ocean. Stay tuned.

Nomaddica: this is a brand new app, generously developed for me by Nick Jaffe of Arktisma, to help me raise the funds to pay for satellite phone airtime, without which there can be no blogs, tweets, or podcasts. I am inviting people to sponsor a mile (or more!) of my voyage for the bargain price of $10. $10 can buy:
– about half of a blog upload
– or a photo upload
– or half a phone call to my shore manager (aka my mother).

Check it out – click on “show interactive map” to get the full experience!

P.S. Mum sends her apologies if she hasn’t yet written to thank you for sponsoring a mile. We’ve had a great response over the last few days, and she is struggling to keep up with her thank you emails. I thank you for keeping her so busy – it gives her less time to worry….!


Other Stuff:

Our campaign for a plastic-bag free Olympics runs on…. We had hoped to have a definite ban in place by now, but we still have some work to do. We are seeking to get as many signatures as possible on our petition in order to convince the powers-that-be to do the right thing.

As you probably know, more than 7 million tons of plastic trash reaches the marine environment every year. Even more goes into landfill. Most plastic is not biodegradable, and the chemicals it emits have been linked to human symptoms such as hormone disruption, breast cancer, prostate cancer, autism, Type 2 diabetes and decreased fertility. It has also been estimated that ocean plastics are responsible for the deaths of around 1.5 million marine mammals per year.

Please add your signature, and ask everybody in your network to do so too. I would love to see 100,000 signatures on there. Then they will HAVE to take notice!


  • Good timing for you that I noticed your sponsorship deal today…the Australian dollar is going gangbusters against the US dollar so you get a couple of extra miles … I remember the days when 1 of our dollars only bought 49 of their cents.

    Best of luck for the row, hope it’s pirate free and full of fun.

  • Folks, to put this in perspective, “As you probably know, more than 7 million tons of plastic trash reaches the marine environment every year…”, and to relate it to this new, Irish, Internationally patented process that I mentioned reading about yesterday, that 7 Million Tons of plastic going into the oceans ALONE, would convert to OVER 2 BILLION Gallons/6 BILLION Liters of synthetic fuels that ANY internal combustion engines – including Diesel – could use… Not that burning fuels is great – My Bucket List non-profit is trying to get us away from as much of that as possible free of Per KwH Charge, BUT, If we are going to make the damn plastic stuff, lets do SOMETHING better than just throwing it in the ocean…

    BTW Roz, Glad to hear the Tracker will be off… I just read that they believe the Pirates are using such systems to locate ships by picking up their satellite location and communications transmissions… But, Your route seems to take you well beyond ANYTHING the Pirates have attempted – so you should be fine…

    The whole world is following you at this point – just look at how high up on the Google search list you are, Including the world’s Navies, Coast Guards and the like… So, Don’t Feel Paranoid, Feel Just As Safe As You Can Be!

  • Good comments, Richard.

    The stickers look great Roz & June. I’m looking forward to seeing them on Wednesday morning.


    ps. Love to Rita (glad you’re keeping busy!)

  • I’m a big Roz fan, and I’m also a HUGE Sedna fan.

    I think Sedna looks much more high-tech and high-end athletic than the earlier silver color. I loved the silver, but with the decals Sedna purple is amazing. As much as a boat can look ready, she looks ready. She almost looks like she’s straining on the leash. From what I’ve seen other ocean row boats are squarish and angular on the roof and cabin entry ways, but Sedna has a rounded, organic and natural streamlined profile. Orca-like. She has personality. Roz, in an earlier blog somewhere you said that Sedna is “just a boat.” I wonder if you still feel that way having traveled with her for so long now. She was with you in Force 9 winds, under the Golden Gate, with a whale shark, defecated upon by boobies, inked up by squids, green turtles have kept you company. A name change, watermakers and oars break, satphones down, anchors don’t retract…but Sedna has been dependable, trustworthy and not a single whine. I wonder how many ocean row boats have been through as much.

    So kudos to Sedna for such loyal service! We know she’ll see you across the Indian safely as well.

  • Good luck on the Row, Roz. I guess I did something wrong when I tried to sponsor some miles last week. But, I got it right today.

    After looking at more pictures of the Sedna I have a better idea of here actual design. I may make a second try at recreating a model of her while you are out this year. This one will be a bit larger as well as more accurate on the hull design side; this time I won’t need to paint the purple cloth I used as the final cover on the hull.

    I guess I’ll have to arrange an event or two here in Washington so I will be able to deliver here in person.

  • Roz et al… There was just a story on the news here in the states… I bet I am behind the loop on this one, But I thought it might interest some… BioBags, apparently the largest producer of Plastic Bags made from Corn in the world, “is shooting for” being able to make and sell their “corn-based plastic bag products – guaranteed to bio-degrade in 45 days or less – for the same price as “conventional plastic bags” of all sizes by this time next year” – 2012… I just saw a box of 45 of their “Lawn & Leaf Sized” bags, online, for about US $8 – Less than 20 Cents each, which isn’t bad already?

  • Sent you miles… and heard back from you Mum… !
    so sweet of her… sending energy to her as well as you!
    love, hugs, peace, smiles, energy from Oregon…

  • Roz – I’m a brand new follower. Saw an article in Newsweek today and logged into your blog as soon as I got home. How intriguing and inspiring. Glad I discovered you just before you shove off. Good luck. I’ll keep you in my prayers.

  • Good luck, Roz… we’re sending good thoughts from Asheville! Will be thinking of you all along the way (and looking forward to your next visit)! Love and good cheer from Michael, Deb, Madison, Sallie & Buddy!

  • Evening Roz,
    Oh the stress and patience of the wait. The public questions and their uncertainty and discomfort. You can and will tame the lightning bolts that jump from stars in the sky to a patient heart . Public uncertainty and their fears – fuel questions. They are only words. A thousand times a thousand. The winds blow past a mountain, touch’s a single flower in a field. In a blink – an energy exchange and then – the moment is history. Not every question needs answers, some times the moment simple is … and then passes.
    You and the ocean are about to once again work with one another. To communicate and exchange a constantly moving life, for you both. The power of a volcano through the eye of a needle.That flow can come as a drip , to last the whole trip. Follow your instinct, and your intuit friend.
    Never mind the journey, how do you live it all fully between the sun rises? You have planned, prepared, now step off the dock. Give thanks to you self for the inner strength you have yet to know.

    Till then ,

  • Hi Roz – I’ve sponsored you for 3 miles on behalf of my class of 8 & 9 year olds (in NZ) – we’re going to be cheering you on from here – and doing some eco-investigation as well.

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