Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2011 19:58:19 +0800
I hope you’ll forgive me if I keep this blog short. It’s my first night
at sea in 9 months (excluding the very different accommodations on board
the National Geographic Explorer in Antarctica) and I’m having to
reacquaint myself with the motion of the ocean.

So sitting in my cabin peering at the screen of a laptop is about the
last thing I feel like doing right now.

Hope you got to see the send-off on Ustream this morning. It was about
7am when I pushed off from the Royal Perth Yacht Club Annexe. Huge
thanks to the stalwart souls who came down to see me off. Outside the
harbour wall a few kayakers kept me company for a while, to be succeeded
by June and co on board a sailboat. Col Leonhardt swooped by a couple of
times in a helicopter to get some footage. He’ll be putting together a
3-minute video in the next few days, so watch out for that.

The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully – which is good. I
paddled out towards Rottnest Island, then turned north to parallel the
coast, avoiding the south-flowing Leeuwin Current until I get level with

Hands and backside rather sore, but hanging on in there.

First audiobook is “Unbroken” by Laura Hillebrand. Good to hear about
people having less fun in a boat (a lifeboat after their plane crashes)
than I am – somehow put my blisters into perspective.

Okay, need to get my head down and my weight off my bottom so will sign
off now. Blogs will get more descriptive when I’m not feeling queasy!

Sponsored Miles:

Roz did a good mileage of 26 miles on the first day at sea, and the following people sponsored miles for this section: Doug Grandt, Will Stockland, Pippa, David Tangye, Faith de Savigne, Gary Seritt, Jason Haines, Gerard Yates, Nanette Ferguson, Matthew Ellis, Mark Clifton, Anke Altermann, and Pam Rodwell.


Photo caption: my first sunset of the Indian Ocean.


  • Aww Roz: I will pass this Blog along to my good friend Laura… I think she will be thrilled that “Unbroken” means so much to another amazing person at sea to be the first read at sea in her voyage… BTW, Speaking of stories, A “Tease” posted to an AP story similar to mine, got a 92+% Approval Rating – so I guess the movie on my life is really on now…

  • Roz
    Have a wonderful journey. What a beautiful way to travel! I have rowed all my life and love it. At 69 I am still paddling my Kayak’s.Have a safe passage.

  • I showed folk your launch video at the 76th Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race Dinner just 90 minutes after you set off. We toasted you, as well as the customary toasts to the Queen and the President, to wish you on your way – I met one person who had rowed with you at Oxford too!

    Have fond memories of biking Rottnest Island and then snorkeling there. Bon voyage.

  • Thanks for making more people aware of the planet they live on. Good luck and I hope you have a great adventure.
    Even our cat helps by checking for power saving light bulbs.

  • Roz, Quite truly, You are a force of nature.Thinking of you today and everyday.I have you in my prayers.AmyinAustin

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