For a change of pace, today’s blog is a vlog – a video recorded yesterday here in Arizona. This is approximately the format I hope to use for weekly RozCasts while I am out on the ocean on Stage 2 of my trans-Pacific row, so this is a bit of a pilot episode. I’d really welcome some feedback so please feel free to add comments to this blog to let me know what you think.

You might notice that I have also geotagged the video. We are investigating ways to geotag all my online updates – blogs, podcasts, Tweets and videos – so that you (and my Mum!) can keep track of me.

Speaking of Mum, please join me in wishing her all the very best for her hip replacement operation this weekend. Good luck, Mum, and I’m wishing you the speediest of all speedy recoveries!


  • Nicely done,Roz and Nicole. Very pleased that you two are working so well together and clearly making it much easier for Roz to cover everything. Best wishes to Mum for tomorrow!

  • allowFullScreen for your embedded video might be nice on this web site.

    I’d think twice before going all video. Older non-video iPods can’t play them as easily as normal audio podcasts. Speaking for myself, I prefer audio podcasts supplemented by short video episodes only when there is a good reason. (Dawn and Drew does this.)

  • Hi CVA Schmidt – just wanted to reassure you that I will not be going all video. As I said, this was just for a temporary change of pace. I will still be blogging and podcasting as usual.

    Do you know how I would allow full screen for embedded video?

  • Roz, you probably know this already, but the video is “no longer available” as of 11:45AM PST Fri. 6th March.


  • ALOHA ROZ! I just watched video on Saturday,
    not sure why Marty couldn’t?? Excellent to see you and you have a partner to help and travel with!? great! Keep up the great work for the oceans and the earth! MAHALO ROZ! hoping your
    new secret mission has brought into your world
    V.P. Gore,? he could be a good person on your mission as he has had the earth in his mind for awhile… and, you could be helpful to each other… Keep in touch, Keep smiling, Good Thoughts to you MUM… Hugs, Always, Carol in Oregon…

  • Funny you should mention Mr Gore… I will be meeting him in May, just before I embark on Stage 2 of my row. I know he has at times been controversial, but he has undeniably done a huge amount to bring climate change into the public consciousness, and for this I applaud him.

  • Dear Roz,

    You and our lovely Nicole are surely a great team! We wish you all the best for your plans!

    Best wishes from Germany,

    Edeltraud and Christina Griessl

  • Ok, I was able to view the video with no problem Monday AM 9th March.

    Love the video-blog format! Will make a great way to follow you across the Pacific, should you choose to add that to your workload.


  • Hello to the Griessls! I hope to meet you later this year when Nicole and I plan to be in Europe in the run-up to Copenhagen!

  • Thanks for asking! News of Mum as of this morning: “I am home again, fit and able to move about in a limited way with two sticks. The hospital staff were pleased with my progress, and happy with my plans for coping… The new joint is functioning well, and only the other hip giving me pain, as before.”

    Join me in wishing Mum all the best for a speedy recovery!

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