On May 9, I will be taking part in a Q&A after the showing of an ocean rowing film at the Santa Cruz Film Festival in California. The film starts at 4.30pm at the Riverfront Theatre. Tickets available online.

Row Hard, No Excuses
Sponsored by Monterey Bay Rowing

At 51 and 41 years-old, John Zeigler and Tom Mailhot are among the oldest competitors to participate in the Atlantic Rowing Challenge, a 3000 mile race across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Barbados. They spend years preparing to make their dream possible, but once on the water, their boat and their bodies don’t respond as they’d imagined.

Drawing from their compelling video diary at sea, the film engages us in the emotional challenges and rewards of their arduous journey. Join these two fierce competitors, along with the other rowers, as they contend with sleep deprivation, seasickness, isolation, boredom and cramped living conditions.

Row Hard, No Excuses is a human tale of endurance, perseverance and blisters.

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