Barnes, UK

There are many reasons why I hope to have a safe and successful crossing to Hawaii this summer, and here is yet another one: whale season on Maui. Fantastic photographs here! (And while you’re there, also check out Dr Mercola’s wise words on nutrition – I subscribe to his newsletter, and his views!)

If all goes according to plan, I hope to spend Jan-March 2009 in Hawaii, getting to know the islands, the people, and the culture. I hear that the Hawaiians love the ocean and everything connected with it, so I want to learn from them about their ocean-related mythology, and also study the ancient art of Polynesian navigation.

Whether I can do this largely depends on finding somewhere to stay and a means of getting around (yes – that IS a hint, if anybody can help…!).

As the Hawaiians say: Kui ‘ia ka lei moku e Kanaloa – which means “The seas of Kanaloa string the strand of islands together”. Or in other words, it is the ocean, not the land, that unites humanity.

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