San Francisco, California

The Atlantic is 2935 miles across (although with all my meanderings I probably covered many more miles than that). That’s the distance from New York to San Francisco. I’ve tried to find a comparable distance in Europe, but even London to Athens is only a measly 2112 miles. So try this oneā€¦

Look at your hand. If that hand is an average hand it will measure about 7.5 inches from wrist to fingertip. If that hand was my boat, the distance I rowed across the Atlantic would be the same as the distance from Oxford to Cambridge. Imagine ‘walking’ that distance (80 miles) by putting one hand wrist-to-fingertip in front of the other.

Kakadu Golf Gloves have just renewed their sponsorship with me. I wore out 5 pairs of their kangaroo skin gloves crossing 3000 miles of Atlantic, so will probably need 15 pairs to cover 9000 miles across the Pacific. That must be almost an entire kangaroo’s-worth. And if you were ‘hand-walking’ from Oxford you’d probably be glad of them too.

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