San Francisco, California

Four short videos of my Atlantic row are now available for viewing online. Even if you read the dispatches you might not fully appreciate what it was like out there. If a picture speaks a thousand words, a video speaks ten thousand.

Parts 2 and 4 are my favourites, but 3 isn’t bad either. Nor is 1, come to that. Enjoy!

Part 1: preparations in the UK, boatbuilding, Henley, provisioning, setting out.

Part 2: storms, broken oars, broken comms equipment, but spirit intact – just about.

Part 3: 101 days gone, just 2 days to go. But the retrieval line to the sea anchor has snapped, so the sea anchor is hanging there like a ball and chain. Only one thing she can do… “

Part 4: after 103 days at sea, dry land at last! Arrival in Antigua – this is one very happy rower.”

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