San Francisco, California

Use 1: Atlantic Row Day 48 – my fourth and last oar broke. I wasn’t even halfway across the ocean. I was determined to maintain my unsupported status so rather than calling for replacements, I had to make do and mend using only what I had on board – a telescopic boathook and duct tape. I used the boathook as a splint, and bound the whole thing tightly in duct tape. I would row with these cumbersome, patched-up oars for the next 1500 miles. [Illustrated above: note stylish silver duct tape on oars on both sides of the boat.]

Use 2: Duct Tape Wallet – if you should happen to find yourself in need of a wallet, and for some reason you don’t have access to a wallet shop but you do have access to a duct tape shop, here’s what to do.

Part 3: Duct Tape Case for your iPod Nanono problem!

Hard to imagine the need arising, but you never know. Duct tape and cable ties – surely the most versatile DIY kit ever.

Oar before the repair

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