A typical day’s menu during the race was:


Oats 2 Go with all the trimmings –
hemp protein powder, dried whole milk, nuts, dried fruit, ground ginger and cinnamon


Scrambled eggs with ham (using rehydrated omelette pieces and dried milk) with seasoning and freeze-dried herbs


Cod and Potato Casserole with added freeze-dried prawns, peas and sweetcorn

Snacks throughout the day and night:

9 Bar (mixed seed bar with hemp) x 4
Flapjack x 2
Dried fruit and nuts


Hot chocolate
Dandelion coffee
Go and Re-Go sports drinks

This turned out to be:

34% fat
22% protein
44% carbohydrate

This diet worked fairly well, with the one problem being the amount of refined sugar. This was not a problem during the race itself, when I was burning 3000-4000 calories a day, but once I reached dry land my sugar addiction caused a very rapid regain of the 30 pounds that I had lost during the crossing. Cookies will do that to you….

So now that I have finally weaned myself off sugar I will be continuing a sugar-free diet on the Pacific.

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