An empty space awaiting the arrival of Sedna Solo
in Nelson’s Dockyard

07 March 2006

If you were at all concerned about Roz’ lack of progress over the weekend, then do take a look at the Atlantic Rowing Race website under the heading of News. Woodvale give a good explanation of what has been happening as a result of the weather.
Today Antigua is again hot and suuny, with the wind blowing in the right direction, and Roz is moving again.
Meanwhile here are a couple of pictures of the historic Nelson’s Dockyard when the boat will eventually arrive. It will be a disappointment for the Island Academy if Roz does not arrive on a schoolday, as the parents have organised a rota of cars to get the children down to the harbour. Let’s hope she can make it by Friday.

A shady spot for those who wait.

Meanwhile Roz is rapidly approaching longitude 59.37 which is the official mark for succeeding in crossing the Atlantic. The race finishing mile is more than a few miles further on yet. We await her arrival eagerly.
Meanwhile, thanks to those who are continuing to send kind messages to Roz and myself.

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