06 March 2006

6th March

Just a brief interim report until I get organised here with photographs. All day yesterday was spent travelling, in fact I was on the go for nearly 24 hours and began thinking “Air travel is for the birds – and they are better at it. No long check-in times.”
I was shocked when I did eventually get onto the internet about midday today – about 4pm your time in Britain – to see the Roz had only done 4 miles yesterday. I have met Lucy from Woodvale, and also phoned her when I saw the figure 4. She has been very reassuring, and it is a fault with the weather. The wind was blowing in quite the wrong direction and Roz looped a loop. After that she probably had to put out Sid the para-anchor and just sit it out. Today the wind has changed. I can hear it whistling around the house now, and with a bit of luck will be pushing Roz on quite nicely. It may prove to be a disappointment for the Island Academy if she does not arrive on a school day. We were really hoping that she would make it on Thursday. It may yet happen if that wind co-operates. I can see the school from the house where I am staying; and with the help of a lovely friend I have been to the harbour and seen where the boats come in.
More news as time goes by. Rita.

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