Entrance to English Harbour, Antigua

08 March 2006
Roz has crossed the Atlantic in fewer than 100 days! She has passed the magic longitude of 59 degrees 37 minutes. 135 miles to go to reach the Woodvale Race Finishing Line at Cape Shirley, Antigua.
There was a heartstopping moment this morning when those of us who check the race website found Sedna Solo totally missing. Whatever the cause she is now safely re-installed, along with the news that she has done 21 miles so far today. It is not yet 2 o’clock here so Roz still has some hours of daylight ahead of her. If she is out there on the deck rowing in this heat I feel sorry for her. I went paddling around the harbour in a kayak this morning and felt I needed to cover up as protection from the hot sunshine. I will try to add a picture to this site before I pack away the computer, but not having my own computer here, I am not too sure of how to do it satisfactorily. Apparently the last pictures that I added were rather large in number of bytes. The island is so pretty, it would be a shame if I can’t do it. I am fascinated by the tiny hummingbirds, about the size of my thumb, with their shiny irridescent green bodies and swiftly moving wings.

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