Mahalo! (Thank You)

This seems an opportune moment to acknowledge the people who have helped me to accomplish this voyage of 2600 miles from San Francisco to Waikiki. Without their support, encouragement, input and energy this could not have happened. I don’t want this to get like an Oscars acceptance speech, thanking everybody from my first teacher onwards, but I do want to mention a few names. Mike … Continued

Roz Completes Pacific Stage 1 in 2008

At 5.55am local time on 1st September I crossed the line of longitude at 157 50.550’W and stopped rowing, let out a whoop of delight, and beamed a huge grin of satisfaction. I had completed the first leg of my solo row across the Pacific, in a time of 99 days, 8 hours and 55 minutes. And just as I had been for all but … Continued

Regular Updates Beginning

THE MORNING AFTER: On Rick Shema’s Weather Update – do go and have a look – is a good report of yesterday’s events. My personal thanks to Rick and his family for allowing me to stay there in the run-up to Roz’s arrival. (You can find Rick’s information by clicking here. Rita.) It is now just after 5pm Hawaiian time and Roz has just called … Continued

Day 98 Countdown to Roz’s Arrival

Countdown to Roz’s Arrival – Possibly Monday September 1. On Thursday I flew over the Pacific from California to Hawaii for nearly five hours, at a speed of about 500 miles per hour. The ocean appeared to be so vast, so empty, so endless. Involved as I have been with Roz since she departed on May 25th, I still find it incredible that my daughter … Continued