This seems an opportune moment to acknowledge the people who have helped me to accomplish this voyage of 2600 miles from San Francisco to Waikiki. Without their support, encouragement, input and energy this could not have happened. I don’t want this to get like an Oscars acceptance speech, thanking everybody from my first teacher onwards, but I do want to mention a few names.

Mike Klayko (CEO) and Brocade, title sponsors, who have supported me wholeheartedly ever since Mike first set eyes on my boat at the Tech Museum in San Jose in 2007

David White and WebOptimiser, key sponsors, energetic and proactive supporters and web optimisation gurus

Ian Yellin, Analisa Schelle and Maayan Katz of Ogilvy PR, Brocade’s PR people, who got the word out to the media and helped spread the environmental message

Nicole Bilodeau, much-missed force behind last year’s PR blitz, and sole companion on that long drive to the 2007 launch in Crescent City

David Helvarg and the Blue Frontier Campaign, my environmental mentors and oceanic inspiration

Conrad Humphreys and the BLUE Project, making it cool to be blue

Rick Shema, the, who sent me good weather when possible, and warned me of bad weather when not possible

Daisy, personal assistant, cheery and indefatigable organizer of Hawaii logistics, despite pregnancy and a daunting time difference from the UK

Bill Chayes, documentary producer, sounding board, sympathizer and all-round good guy

Leo Laporte, podcaster, talented interviewer, donor of audiobooks, seeker of sponsorships, and irrepressible cheerleader

Tim Harincar of Sailblogs, long-suffering website designer and tech support, always swift to respond to a crisis

Dr Aenor Sawyer, team medic and Pee Police, diligent in her care of the world’s worst patient

Melinda Griffith, staunch supporter and Pacific paddler

Rich Crow, helicopter engineer, who deigned to exercise his awesome talents on something floating instead of something flying – and sacrificed half his Memorial Day Weekend to allow this row to happen

Bobbie Jennings and the Waikiki Yacht Club, who hosted a magnificent reception party and extended their warmest of welcomes for the duration of my stay

John Kay, ardent supporter, who dealt with the logistics of vehicles and trailers

And of course my mother, Rita Savage. Words are not adequate to describe her contribution. Without her I would not be in Hawaii – or, indeed, anywhere. She is absolutely the best mother a girl could wish for.

Also the untold numbers of friends, supporters, wellwishers, donors, sponsors, commenters, Facebook friends, Tweeters, and podcast listeners who have given freely of their emotional energies and good vibes to help speed me on my way across the ocean.

And last but not least, I feel the need to thank the ocean itself, the great Pacific, for allowing me a safe passage across her waters from California to Hawaii. She has been a tough taskmaster, but one worthy of respect. I have done my bit to try and preserve her riches for future generations, and I would like to think that the success of my journey was her way of acknowledging my good intentions.

Thank you.

[photo: Diamond Head, Waikiki. Courtesy of Phil Uhl]

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