On Rick Shema’s Weather Update – do go and have a look – is a good report of yesterday’s events. My personal thanks to Rick and his family for allowing me to stay there in the run-up to Roz’s arrival.

(You can find Rick’s information by clicking here. Rita.)

It is now just after 5pm Hawaiian time and Roz has just called with her latest position. From now on she will call every two hours. Likely to arrive tomorrow some time in the middle of the day.

21 15.140N 157 28.608W 5pm Hawaii time

21 14.389N 157 31.692W 7pm Hawaii time

21 14.719N 157 34 625W 9pm Hawaii tme.
Roz describes the conditions as interesting – rough, windy and dark. However she can see light on Oahu, and things have improved since she started singing along to her CDs. She is taking a rest, but checking in again at 11pm.

21 14.580N 157 36.907W 11pm Hawaii time.
During Roz’s rest she has drifted well – she says she is a good drifter.

21 12.585N 157 47.227W 4.30am Hawaii time.
Roz has gone too far south for the photo opportunity at Diamond Head, but still on target for her objective and arrival.

0900 Hawaiian time September 1st 2008, Roz has crossed the line that she considers to be her finish line. 21 13.096N, 157 47.570W.

Roz is now awaiting a tow boat to take her nearer to Diamond Head for a photo opportunity for the press. Following that she will proceed to the Waikiki Yacht Club for the welcomes, the hugs, celebrations and interviews.

Roz is feeling great – happy, cheerful and not too tired.

Aiming for:Waikiki Yacht Club: 21 17 17N 157 50 31W

There are still some days left of the Atlantic Crossing, and I can’t leave the story unfinished.
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