With just six weeks to go, I give an update from the Yale World Fellows Program. I’ve just been to two back-to-back retreats, one with the World Fellows, and one with the Pleiades Network for environmentally-minded women in leadership.

Show Notes:

Hurricane Sandy about to hit New Haven. At least my apartment building won’t capsize!

Race Brook Lodge retreat with World Fellows:

Myers Briggs – I was judged to be ENTP (Extrovert (7/30), Intuitive (8/30), Thinking (17/30), Perceiving (3/30)). Interestingly, I retook the test online at Human Metrics, which determined that I was:

  • moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (56%)
  • moderate preference of Intuition over Sensing (50%)
  • distinctive preference of Thinking over Feeling (62%)
  • marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (1%)

Well, okay, maybe not that interesting. Just goes to show that results can vary according to the specific questions asked, and/or from day to day. But do try it out – it’s intriguing if nothing else!

Neuroscience of meditation by Jud Brewer of newhaveninsight.org

My first ever workshop – on benefits of journaling – to be shared in a future blog.


Pleiades retreat at the Roundhouse, Colrain, MA:

I was fascinated to hear how many women were interested in psychology and communications, from many different perspectives – many interesting conversations, and this seems to be an emerging theme in 2012. Check out who we are, and what we are doing on the Pleiades members list.

I rather fell down on my photography duties this year, but here is the slideshow I made of our 2011 retreat.


Other Stuff:

Wishing the very best to all who live in the path of the upcoming “Frankenstorm” (click here for a balanced view on whether Frankenstorm is related to climate change), and love and sympathy to the families of the 65 who have already died as the storm swept through Haiti.

Please stay safe.

Now I have to go read The Meaning of Life, A Very Short Introduction, in 100 pages, for an upcoming seminar (now postponed from tomorrow, but I’m rather keen to know the answer anyway). Or you can get Terry Eagleton’s video version in 2:16 minutes here. Or get a more controversial, but arguably equally valid, version from Monty Python.


[Featured photo: last year’s Pleiades retreat]



  • Hey, Roz. After your workshops and storm-day absorption of information and dissipation of cognitive overload, I feel it is about time, and my duty, to encourage you to schedule a half day of relaxation engaged in things that do not allow you to ruminate about the future of the world and your part in it. I firmly suggest this include a large dose of Daniel Craig in the movie “Skyfall.” Dame Dench agrees with me. All is well here in Atlanta. We may have a pregnant goat, but we’re not sure yet. That would mean a kid or two (sometimes three) in February.
    All my best,

    • Sounds like good advice to me! I saw the trailer, and have to say Skyfall looks rather good! I also really want to see Cloud Atlas, so maybe I’ll have a movie binge the next time I go to NYC.
      Congratulations on your impending new arrivals, if indeed your goat turns out to be in the family way. How exciting!
      Not sure when I will next be in Atlanta, but meanwhile it’s great to hear from you. Stay in touch!

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