Leeds, Yorkshire

You will be relieved to hear that this is the last in my series of festive juvenilia. By Rosalind Savage, aged 7 and 11/12.

[I leave today to return to Mexico. Another 40+ hour journey awaits me, assuming that Heathrow Airport has been released from the death-grip of fog by the time I get there.]

Christmas Day

It’s Christmas day. Hurray, Hurray!
Under the Christmas tree in bright array,
Are presents for you and me.

Oranges and pears,
Nice teddy bears,
All for you and me.

A big dolls house,
A clockwork mouse,
All for you and me.

Now Christmas day has gone away,
Just as I had feared.
No more decorations and games
But I don’t mind because
There’s another Christmas next year!

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