Barra de Navidad

Another epic journey, including an extremely uncomfortable overnight stay on a bench in JFK airport, and now I’m back in Mexico. A few days ago I was out on chilly, grey Ilkley Moor. Today I’m in 85-degree heat and sunshine. My body doesn’t know what’s hit it.

My body may be finding it hard to keep up, but so is my luggage. Somewhere between Heathrow, JFK, Houston and Manzanillo it went astray. It contains most of the clothes I own, plus various computer leads, documents, and my heart rate monitor. Let’s hope it turns up.

And speaking of things lost in transit… Sedna may at last have turned up safely in Miami, but she’s costing me a fortune. My outstanding bill for storage, unloading, clearing customs, etc., currently stands at $2000 and it’s going up at the rate of $120 a day, even when that day is a bank holiday and nothing can be done to get her moved. Ouch!

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