Woodside, California

Or does it?

This is one of the pictures taken by Russian photographer Elena Zhukova, in possibly the wettest but most enjoyable photo shoot I have ever done – on either side of the camera (I was a pro photographer for a couple of years in a previous life). Click here to see more photos from the same shoot.

Back in March we spent an afternoon in Half Moon Bay, getting increasingly cold and wet. “Just a bit closer to the water,” she’d say, “a bit closer.”

Whoosh. Big wave, big splash, a bit wetter – until in the end there was nothing left to lose, so I just lay down in the surf, as requested, and had done with it.

To be fair, Elena and her husband, also a photographer, were nearly as wet as I was. Fortunately a) their cameras survived, b) the end justified the means, and c) we had some whisky on hand to warm ourselves up (I’m sure I knew at the time what Russian for “Cheers” was, but the word now escapes me…)

There’s nothing like total commitment to the cause.

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