Hi Everyone,  

Great news…our fearless friend Roz is making amazing progress and in the next 24 hours, she’ll cross the 1,000 mile mark!  

Show your support, help us raise some money for Roz and join in a fun game: make your guess as to the exact time (to the nearest second) that she’ll hit that mark. Use the RozTracker to inform your guessing.  

Submit your guess in a Tweet (use #roz1000 so we can track it) or on her Facebook Fan Page wall.  

If you make a donation to Roz’s PayPal account (see the right side of her website for the link) between now and the time she hits 1,000 miles, then Roz will give you (and your website if you want!) a BIG shout-out to thousands of people all over the world in a blog, Tweet, and on her website.  

The winner will be announced tomorrow.  

How we’ll calculate: Please make your guess to the nearest second in Hawaii time (GMT-10, or 3 hours behind the US west coast). We will calculate the exact time she hits 1,000 miles by using the two GPS points that come immediately before and after it happens, according to the RozTracker. Hint: if you click on Roz’s icon on the map, her distance logged is listed to the nearest tenth of a mile under “Voyage Statistics”.  

Spread the word, and GOOD LUCK! Thanks so much for your continued support.

Nicole and the rest of Team Roz


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