San Francisco, California

‘I met with someone today that I think you should also meet, her name is Roz Savage. She’s recently rowed across the Atlantic (single-handed) and is in the process of making plans to do the same thing from San Francisco across the Pacific. (Yes, I know, we told her that she’s crazy…but now having met her…she actually appears to be quite sane)’

A back-handed compliment in an email of introduction. And this from the man who employs a woman who swims with sharks.

The KKMI boatyard in Richmond Point (about 45 minutes from my home in Woodside) has kindly offered free berthing to Sedna, and a discount on their boatyard services. Paul proudly showed me around when I visited them there yesterday.

‘And this is the engines workshop – we can lift out this skylight and crane the engine straight in. And over here we have the masts area, where we have plenty of space to unstep the mast, repair it, restep it…’

‘Not that you need any of that stuff’, his daughter Erica (on the left in the photo) chipped in. Exactly.

Paul also introduced me to his staff, including Ginger (on the right in the photo) and Debbie the shark lady (centre). ‘But not white-tips’, she assured me, as if this made it all OK.

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