Hood River, Oregon

Sedna was due to arrive in Miami over the weekend. But somehow, yet again, she has missed the boat. I’m starting to suspect her of malingering…

I rang the shipping company, more in hope than expectation that she might have arrived. But no. She was last sighted in Port of Spain after being discharged from the Grenadine. She was supposed to be picked up by the CGM Barbados and shipped to Miami.

But the CGM Barbados has arrived in Miami without her. So I hope that she might be on the next boat into Miami, due to arrive next Thursday.

It is just as well that the US road trip STARBOARD was abandoned. We had expected to rendezvous with Sedna in Miami around 8th November and head westwards via a number of media events. If we had gone ahead with that plan, we would by now have been kicking our heels in Miami for 3 weeks and our plans would be in total disarray. We would also be running into snow and bad weather as we crossed the States – not ideal when you’re towing a 24 foot boat.

So maybe things really do happen for a reason.

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