San Francisco, California

Three amazing stories from the ocean: compare and contrast…

1. Drifting fishermen survive on rain, raw fish and Bible-reading – given up for dead after a two-week fishing trip turned into nine months at sea

2. Dom Mee’s kite-boat crosses the Atlantic unsupported – i.e. unsupported by any personnel on board. Little Murka washes up in Ireland 11 months after Dom was nearly lost at sea in a violent hurricane

3. OAR Northwest arrive in Cornwall, winners of the rowing race across the North Atlantic – especially good news for me, as I’ll be sourcing my oars for the Pacific from the same company, Sawyers Oars and Paddles, that supplied them. After breaking all four oars on the Atlantic, I’m not taking any chances.

One boat with people but no propulsion, one boat with propulsion but no people, and one boat with a full complement of people AND propulsion. There are many different ways to cross an ocean…

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