San Francisco, California

The last 3 mornings I have got up at 5.30am, blearily staggered to the Mojo-Mobile and driven to San Mateo Park to join between 5 and 20 other women to run, skip, jog, jump, lunge, crunch, squat and sweat our way to fitness. It’s tough and I ache all over, but strangely, I’m enjoying it.

It seemed like I’d used up my entire allowance of willpower and determination in getting myself across the Atlantic this year. I just couldn’t find the motivation to train, and the pounds were piling on. The BootCamp has been my salvation.

The exercises are varied and every day is different, so I almost forget I’m doing training. An added bonus is the drive up the I-280 just as the sun is rising and the mist is crawling across the forested mountains on either side.

It gets the day off to the right kind of start – once I’ve had that one-hour workout in the morning, it seems a shame to spoil it all by eating the wrong foods, so it’s like a virtuous double-whammy: exercise PLUS better diet.

Best of all, it’s fun to train with other women. We’re a varied bunch of all shapes and sizes, but we can take it at our own pace so everybody gets a good workout. The camaraderie and mutual support are really helping this prodigal rower get back on track. It’s a physical and psychological restart, a reboot.

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