I live and learn – and when something isn’t going as I hoped, I’m not too proud to admit I was mistaken.

I was really pleased when I found there was a way to post my Twitter updates to my blog as a single day’s update – I thought it would be a great way to share my rather unusual lifestyle with people – and I still think it was worth a try. But the experiment has been a mixed success, so I’ve decided to change tack. The Twitter updates will still be available, but over at a new blog that I have set up for the purpose. So this blog will no longer be cluttered with the minutiae of my life.

Initially I had hoped that the advantages would be:

1. Even when I didn’t have a spare hour to sit down and write a full blog, there would still be something new appearing on the site.

2. Especially in the final days before my next row, life is getting intense and interesting, and I’d hoped to share this.

3. I wanted to make my Twitter postings available to non-Twitterers, so you wouldn’t feel you were missing out on an aspect of my online postings.

But there were several problems with the LoudTwitter postings:

1. The formatting wasn’t too pretty.

2. For non-Twitterers, things like RT, @ and hashtags were confusing.

3. The Twitter blogs drowned out the “quality” blogs and important announcements.

So after a week’s pilot scheme, I have decided to redirect the Twitter-blogs to a different blog that I have set up specifically for the purpose. If you liked them, you can now find them over at

Roz Savage: A Day in the Life of an Ocean Rower

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  • interestingly, having been one of those who told you (on Twitter!) about LoudTwitter I’ve made a similar move myself while moving my blog from Blogger to Squarespace in the last couple days

    ie I’ve separated my Blog and Short Thoughts (containing my daily twitter collation)

    my blog is now at gavinknight.com/blog but my daily twitter summary is at gavinknight.com/short-thoughts

    good to see I’m not alone in this!

  • There was another problem as well. For those of us who already follow you on Twitter, it made your blog redundantly annoying. You’ve made the right decision.

  • Very good idea I think. I was always excited to see a new post show up in my reader and slightly disappointed when it was just the twitter feed. Saying that I will still now subscribe to the twitter blog can never have too much Roz.

  • The fact that you follow Al Gore should concern him rather than you.
    He is no more an expert on climate change than are you. He has been convinced by real scientists, merely promotes their predictions and wants governments to force people to change their behaviour.
    Your approach is more concerned with persuading people to change their behaviour and doing so at as little environmental cost as you can: You set an example, which Gore certainly does not.
    My experience (30 years of public speaking) suggests that, when your turn comes, you should not refer to him in any way and make your opening statement distinct from anything he has mentioned. Your speech deserves to stand alone on its own merits and not appear to be dependent on any other speakers views.
    Do not be intimidated by his fame (infamy?). You and your views are more important than his because they are truly yours.

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