Sausalito, California

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Poppa Neutrino, courtesy of a mutual friend that I met at theĀ Sharkwater event last Wednesday. What Poppa lacks in teeth (as far as I could see, one upper and one lower) he makes up for in character.

Do check outĀ his website – at the very least for its fantastic James-Bond-meets-eccentric-adventurer theme tune.

He built a raft out of junk and sailed it across the North Atlantic with his family. Watch the trailer to hear what his daughters thought of their adventures. When their father recruited them into a circus act to prop up the family finances, they were tempted to run away from the circus to join the real world…

We actually had a surprisingly sensible conversation about boat design, centres of gravity, and self-righting capability, while Poppa chomped on a lunch of garlic bread and Coca-Cola. I guess a steak would be tricky with only 2 teeth.

[photo: Larry, me, Poppa Neutrino]

P.S. Owwww. The chest strap on my heart rate monitor is chafing against my skin, creating the kind of abrasion that stings like stink when I take a shower and just generally smarts. It has become especially painful over the last 2 days, with a 1:30 hr run yesterday, and 50 mins this morning, in unseasonably warm (and hence sweaty) California weather.

Has anybody else ever encountered this problem, and are there any suggestions as to immediate remedies and preventative measures?

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