Woodside, California
Yes, it’s that time again. After a whole two weeks in Woodside (give or take a few nights away) I have spent today packing my worldly goods into the back of my trusty truck Quackers, ready to hit the road again.

I’ve enjoyed the relative stability of the last two weeks – it has been good to catch up with my California friends and to get into a regular routine of exercise and healthy eating. It will be a challenge to maintain good habits once I am on the road again, but with a bit of good organization it will be possible. A pair of running shoes, a skipping rope, a resistance bungee and a pair of dumbbells make up my mobile gym.

Despite the disruption to my training routine, I am excited to be back on the road. It is an opportunity to clear out any superfluous possessions that had started to accumulate – to clear out the clutter, both literal and metaphorical. Travelling helps me find a clearer sense of perspective and priority.

P.S. The details – for those who are really interested/really practical/really have another two minutes to spare:

Packed in the back of Quackers are bags and cases of clothing categorized by the various activities over the next two months, which will include: the Brocade conference in San Francisco, meetings in Seattle, speeches in Hawaii, a road trip to Minnesota, dog-sledding in Ely, and Christmas in Toronto. Temperatures will probably vary from 75F/24C (Hawaii) to 0F/-18C (Minnesota).

Also coming along are the sleeping bag from my boat (just in case I end up in a snowdrift), a couple of months’ supply of vitamins and LaraBars, the new Tanita scales, and the seed sprouterthat arrived just a few days ago, courtesy of eBay.

I’d been eagerly awaiting the seed sprouter, keen to get my sprouty superfoods again, but the timing is not ideal – the back of a truck is not the best place to be starting a vegetable garden. There again, if I managed to grow sprouts on the wave-lashed deck of a rowboat in mid-Atlantic, a truck-back-veg-garden might be worth a try. I’ve got a square bucket to put the sprouter in to prevent spillage, so it just might work…

[photo: me with Quackers in January this year, Washington State]

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