Woodside, California

If you are in the US, try to get hold of a copy of of today’s New York Times (available in most branches of Starbucks – but don’t feel obliged to buy the coffee) – and look in the Play Magazine.

If you are not in the US, you can read the online article here.

This is the photo that I (plus photographer Jason Madara and his three assistants) got near-hypothermia for, on a rainy Saturday night in April – click here for the blog. And the writer, Dimity McDowell, is the sister of my initial contact at LaraBar, now one of my sponsors. Thank you to both for a job well done.

And here’s an insider’s nugget of information – you see the little red and white object lying on the deck next to my rowing seat? That is a Lightship, a solar-powered light produced by Eric’s company Sollight (also a sponsor). We had to use it to give Jason the photographer something to focus on, because the night was so pitch dark his camera’s autofocus couldn’t function while the flashes weren’t flashing. And somehow it snuck into the photo – so there’s another happy sponsor.

And red jacket by Patagonia, a supporter.

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