Woodside, California

The top 3 fears for an ocean rower are probably:
1. capsizing
2. watermaker breaking
3. running out of food.

So having taken measures to address (1), I then turned my attention to (2) and (3).

Spectra Watermakers, who are conveniently located in the Bay Area, have kindly agreed to check over my Ventura 150 before I embark. The peace of mind of having the professionals do the job is immense.

As for (3), I was really pleased with the nutrition strategy I had on the Atlantic, but unfortunately the same foods are not available here in the US, and import restrictions mean that the companies cannot ship them here. So I’ve had to change from my Norwegian-made Real Meals (blissfully free of additives and nasties) to Natural High freeze-dried dinners, which are not quite so pure but do look quite tasty. I’ll supplement these again with extra veggies from Commercial Freeze Dry.

And I’ll have my LaraBars, and sprouted beans (I am currently testing some beans from Whole Foods Market, as those I bought from a local shop failed to sprout and went mouldy).

I’ll be taking plenty of food – enough for 4 or 5 months – just in case I miss Hawaii…

[photo: I nearly ran out of fuel on the salt flats of Bonneville, Utah, last week. I don’t want to do the same in mid-Pacific]

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