Rita Savage reporting again.
Roz has made good mileage today having rowed a distance of 28.27 miles since noon yesterday, but noticed that the batteries were not charging as well as they should. It is not a major problem but as she was very close to the Abrolhos Islands, she decided that in the interests of safety and maintaining communication the professional and sensible thing to do was to have it checked out. Roz is there now, and really longing to get going out into the open ocean.

Geraldton: Another picture from June Barnard

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Thank you today to: Dominic Howell, Stanley Miller, Doug Grandt, Javier Vazquez, Thomas Mechlin (Texino), David Finn, Hans Verwey, Sally Phillips, Beverly Bignell, Rolando Cuadrado, Nick Perdiew, Angela Hey. Roz was enjoying the rowing today.


  • Rita & Roz: Where to start – So much news… First and most importantly, absolutely right to stop again – NOTHING is more important in this endeavor than communications… Second, I am guessing you all have heard, Osama bin Laden was killed by U.S. Navy Seals overnight – no US or allied soldiers were harmed in that “endeavor”… I lots LOTS of friends, Both in The Wold Trade Towers & The Pentagon – so this is a form of “closure” I guess… Third, Roz, your first day out weather reached DFW last night – Windy, Rainy, Hail and “Cold” for DFW standards for 5/1 – in the 40’s… It was a 2-Dog Night – and fortunately Mattie and Chester were there with me… Hey, Maybe you need a Chester or Mattie for your rough nights? ONLY KIDDING!!! You have Woody!

  • Sorry for the early AM typos above, “I lost LOTS of friends, Both in The World Trade Towers & The Pentagon – so this is a form of “closure” I guess… “

  • Hey Rita & Roz, according to Rita’s response to my post yesterday, we share some “History”… “Hi Richard, no Roz’s Rita does not hail from Blackpool. From much further afield – Johannesburg in South Africa. Great-grandfather emigrated from Leeds UK to SA in 1849. An ancestry of adventurers. One ancestor was a solder, fighting against the Americans in their war of independence, wife and children travelled with the troops; later captured by the French in the Caribbean, eventually exchanged for French prisoners of war and returned to settle in Leeds. At least three births at sea in the family history! It’s in the genes . . .”

    First, Rita and Roz, I’ll forgive you for having “Ancestors” who fought against my “Ancestors” in the “war of independence”, if you will forgive me for my “Ancestors” fighting yours in the same war? One of mine “fighting” that war was the first President of Harvard – a guy, a traveling Minister, named Samuel Cooper, who signed Geo. Washington’s Harvard Doctorate of Laws… I am a direct descendant of Martha Washington – through her first marriage to Custis – My middle name… Every time Cooper went out on his traveling Ministry, The British soldiers would burn his house down… Then Geo. Washington would authorize him to take the “vacated home of a British Soldier no longer living in the area.” His journals were amazing – each day ending with where his horse was kept the preceding night… Today, Men lose their keys, back then they forgot where they left their horse – and these entries solved that problem… Cooper was good friends with Lafayette – we just sold a 7 Page personal, loving friend, letter from Lafayette to Cooper and his wife, written the day after Cornwallis surrendered to him at Yorktown, along with Cooper’s rough draft of The Treaty of Paris – which he helped write, with his hand-written notes and edits on the margins. The Letter went to Williamsburg, The Treaty of Paris to Cornell University – they have the largest “Private” collection of Revolutionary Documents in the world…

    It is a small world! I guess not to Roz at the moment…

  • Good time of the year to dive the Abrolhos…take your camera. Well…nobody said this was non-stop…..did they? Hey, got a joke for you….”dammit I’m mad” is “dammit I’m mad” backwards. :-)) Good luck with your battery. That was a necessary stop and you’re just lucky Mother Nature put the Abrolhos Islands right about there.

  • And I’m reading that it’s “lobster season” out on the Albrolhos Islands. So I think Roz has put in there to stock up on lobsters. Does she have a big pot to cook these things in, and some fresh butter onboard? 🙂

  • Wow – things really aren’t going your way these days. Just take it one step at a time and make sure everything is in place for when you truly leave land behind. It’s worth the delays.

  • Wishing you a “third time lucky” for launching (and hope, as Rico suggested) that you are/were lunching on lobster!

    Looking forward eagerly to your journaling of rowing the open ocean and wishing you fair winds and calm seas (cliche though it may be, it is probably for good reason!) May us Rozlings be the “wind beneath your” oars, if that isn’t too muddled a metaphor! (or a bad way to row!)

  • Roz, google earth shows some human activity on a few small spits of choral with the protected areas of the Abrolhos Island, but I see no indication of much more than calcium carbonate and sand spits that must be totally self-sustaining like you and Sedna, let alone any place that might serve caramel latte and cakes. Hope you are resting easy in spite of the apparent lack of any crisp white sheets and pillow-cases.

    battery charging
    pit-stop, don’t mind it, atoll
    aqua strand of pearls

    Row luxuriatus Roz

  • Right…another great decision, I would wish her to be on my team anytime. I’m betting (well guessing) calmer waters ahead. She’ll be on one of her burns at 30 miles a day especially if she gets a decent snack in on one of those fishing islands. Looking up…Now that Roz is rowing again, I’m looking to book some miles for this month…
    From “Rowing calm waters in Florida”

  • Reading up on the Abrolhos Islands one websire it says “Access by charter/fishing/eco boat tours…” , perhapes they should add “and Ocean Rowing Boats”!
    Hopefully there will be some friendly Dolphins & Sea Lions to greet you Roz.

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