Second day since relaunch.

My apologies for delegating my mother to write my blog last night. It
was quite possibly one of the roughest nights I have spent at sea (7
metre swell topped off with wind waves), and I was still getting my sea
legs, and tapping away on a laptop was simply beyond me.

It was so rough that I put out the sea anchor, not to mitigate backwards
drift which is the usual reason, but to reduce risk of capsize. The sea
anchor holds the bow into the waves so the water flows down the sides of
the boat, rather than broadsiding her and knocking her over.

The ocean wasn’t exactly breaking me back in gently. I reckon I got
about half an hour’s sleep in total. The rest of the night I lay in my
bunk, being bounced around by the waves, worrying. I couldn’t help
wondering if the repaired towing eye was strong enough to hold the sea
anchor, and whether water was getting into the locker where the
watermaker pump now lives, and whether I was going to capsize.

To be honest, I was quite scared. The ocean was in a wild mood, and my
worries were getting the better of me. I had to give myself stern
talking to, to remind myself to have faith in Shane and Glen’s skill, to
have faith in my boat, and to have faith in myself.

After what felt like one of the longest nights of my life, morning
finally came. I am happy to report that the towing eye (and therefore
the sea anchor) remained attached to the boat, and that the watermaker
pump was well clear of any water. And although rather tired today, I
survived the night with sanity more or less intact.

So we are back in business.

Other Stuff:

I hope you’ll have seen some of the pics of my departure yesterday
morning. Thank you so much to the friends who came along to see me off –
Don and Margaret Ferguson from Leeman, Daryl and Gaynor Gangell from
Geraldton, Shane Donegan, Colin Leonhardt, Lesley, the folks from GWN
TV, and of course June – who hopefully by now is about to get on a plane
back to San Francisco, finally relieved of her charge. Thanks, Daryl,
for the Dairy Milk Easter eggs. ‘Fraid I’m not quite managing to ration
myself to one a day, but there are still a few left!

Photo: Not even a cloud in the sky to photograph today, so we’ll have to
make do with a pic of me!

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Nicola Tsang, Anke Altermann, James van Bemmel, Geoff Howard, Doug Grandt, Tanya Babalow, Phil Connor, Dominic Howell, Michael Abolins, Curtis Zingg, Shannon Fogg, Tim Hockman, James Borleis, David Quinlan.


  • Hey Roz, your comment, “It was quite possibly one of the roughest nights I have spent at sea…” now makes me feel badly for sending you the humorous dialogue quote from MASH the other day – Klinger complaining that this was the worst day of his life, Col. Potter saying, “Nonsense Boy, You are going to have much worse days than this.” Things will get better!!! Perhaps this was Mother Nature saying, “Hey, Everything went perfectly for you for these last three days!!! Before I let you go too far, Don’t forget I am still here!” Now that she has reminded you of her presence, You and she can work together better…

    • P.S. It just hit me… Today’s post gives new and appropriate meaning to the term, “May Day” being the 1st of May… Mother Nature gave you a harder whack than she may have otherwise – after the days that went so well leading up to this, as you started out again anew, in this new month too… As I said, Now that the reminders and reintroductions are made, you two can work better together, each respecting the other, as a team, the rest of the way…

      • You’re exactly right, Richard. I was thinking the same thing. And Roz…Mother Nature was looking out for you when she gave you that “ocean in a wild mood” shake down. EVERYONE who had a hand in your impressive, quick turn-around on land a couple of days ago should be very proud of themselves because they ALL survived the shake down. Had they not, then land wasn’t too far away…yet. I don’t blame you for being scared ‘though, Roz. You reminded me of my wild Bass through Bash Strait…or is that Bash through Bass Strait? Hey Roz, I reckon your mum would’ve been tickled pink she got to write your blog. Thanks for the pic of you. Looks like you’ve caught some sun on your nose. Take good care of your skin out there hun, or you’ll be sorry 20 years from now. I hope you’re not in for another rough night tonight. What’s your forecast, I’m wondering…

        • Hey S: Absolutely right! If anyone knows the problems that those of us of “Western European Descent” have with the sun, I do… My genetic form of skin cancer goes back to the early days of “Western European Royalty”, cousins marrying cousins and the like, trying to hold family control of their kingdoms… Early Royal Doctors’ Journals describe offspring with “Skin Eruptions” and “Too Many Digits” – I am glad I got the “Skin Eruptions”. But Roz, In all seriousness, Take care of this too…

  • Hi Roz

    Keep that faith in your boat, and faith in yourself, there is allot of people supporting what you are doing & what you represent, those people are with you in spirit all the way!

    You will make it for sure!!

    Terry E Oliver

  • Your story reminds me of my trip across the Florida Straights, 40 foot waves with a 3 foot cross wave. Not much fun, but glad when it is over! All the best in your cockle shell, you are snug as a bug in there and should weather anything – glad you are well and making headway! Best, John H

    • Oh, and the pix from yesterday’s departure are fantastic. I especially love the one of you and June. Cropped close and posted it on you FB pages! Big smiles on happy faces ;-D

  • Faith in yourself and the people you work with is so important. Thanks for the reminder! You look great out there – so happy. Take care,

  • Glad to see you back out there, even if it was a bit (understatement!) rough. Did you manage to take any fresh food this time (besides the chocolate eggs)?

  • You,ll be great, last night is history Out their and row onwards to towards your goal. Tomorrow is a better day
    Take Care Terry B !!!!!!!!!!

  • Glad to hear you made it through the night safe and sound. Your bravery is incredibly inspiring. Hope you manage to find a little bit of time to rest today. Have a wonderful day, Roz.

    Thinking of you and sending love.

    • Great Picture Doug – Two Beautiful Women On The Water, A Tough Combo To Beat In My Book… Reminded me of a pre-coma vision that I had long forgotten – funny now, embarrassing then – so, “Thanks For The Memories!” I was getting ready for a US Olympic 470 Trial in Annapolis… The boat was tied to the dock… The Press wanted to get a picture of us shoving off. I had forgotten to put the centerboard down as I launched her that morning… As I stepped off the dock into the boat she flipped instantly while still tied to the dock… Knowing me, Everyone thought I was just being funny for The Press – so I tried to pull it off with smiles like these as I righted her…

  • As a new Rozling, Even before today’s blog – as they were working on me this past Wednesday actually, I was thinking about this… I may be wrong, being a new Rozling, but it seems that Roz’ self-confidence has been rocked a bit of late – by the media watching her need to make water, or whatever… She apologized for not handling The Press as well as she thinks she could have then, Today she is apologizing for delegating some of what she thinks she has to do – This Blog in this case – to someone else, FOR ONE NIGHT, when she was tired, a bit beaten up by the day’s rough seas, and a bit shaken by it all… I am a bit confused… She is doing this amazing thing, and she is worrying about this small and unimportant stuff… Wish she had Tuesdays With Morrie with her – I think it would change her impression of what is important in all this, and what isn’t…

    And in a way, Rita, what I just said came out wrong too… Your writing the Blog for us Rozlings last night was wonderful, and very kind… But maybe foolishly, under the circumstances, I have a feeling that you were happy to do this relatively minor thing for your amazing daughter?

    Anyway Roz, You are literally setting new records each day now… Not quite sure what more you could do – none of us, certainly not me, could come close to meeting the challenges that you are on a daily basis… Give yourself a break, Now that you can make water – Piss on The Press if they treat you poorly, And don’t worry about us Rozlings – We are fine so long as you are!!!

  • BTW, Not sure how to reach the powers that be in this case – hope this will do it, But Roz’ Website links that say, “Roz Savage is a British ocean rower” needs a little more Ooomph now… “Roz Savage, A Brit, is the current women’s world’s record holder for solo ocean rowing – and she is rowing for a cause for you and me…” or the like…

  • I am indeed happy to help when Roz needs assistance with her blog, but as you could see, I did not have to do much writing. Roz had asked for it to be mainly pictures, and through the kindness of Colin and June at the end of a long and busy day, was able to do so.
    About the records, I am not sure that Roz’s records are in any way official. She knows, and we know, what she has achieved. She set out knowing that she might not get recognition for various reasons, and happy to accept that.

  • Hey, Roz. Sorry for the royal sloshing you’ve been getting. Deb and I went out to look at a house on two acres today. More room for chickens … and then maybe goats or sheep, and definitely a larger garden. It’s a little town that is being planned to maintain lots and lots of green space and undeveloped areas, and it’s particularly locavore heavy. The lot we looked at is mostly wooded, but with enough sunny patches for gardening. So, the next time you end up coming ’round Atlanta way, you might be able to enjoy a rest at a farm. Wishing you smooth rowing with a favorable current. My best to Rita, as well.

  • Next week, Sunday May 8th is Mother’s Day in the US… Rita is Roz’s mom ….. just sayin… !

    Row Roz Row!

    • Two of the most amazing women I know, Both have traveled the world, Both their mothers are named Rita and come from England… Now if Roz’ Rita comes from the Blackpool area, it will really be a small world… Happy Mother’s Day From America, Roz’ Rita!!!

      • Hi Richard, no Roz’s Rita does not hail from Blackpool. From much further afield – Johannesburg in South Africa. Great-grandfather emigrated from Leeds UK to SA in 1849. An ancestry of adventurers. One ancestor was a solder, fighting against the Americans in their war of independence, wife and children travelled with the troops; later captured by the French in the Caribbean, eventually exchanged for French prisoners of war and returned to settle in Leeds. At least three births at sea in the family history! It’s in the genes . . .

  • To the unsinkable Roz Savage,

    Wow, you would never know from the 2nd launch photos how different the offshore weather and sea conditions are! You looked so great and it seemed such an idyllic leaving…I think you just need to get out of the mid-latitudes, but W. Australian waters are certainly a windy place. Once you get a little north i’m hoping the calmer tropic influence will kick in. Then your only problem will be heat…

    In the meantime you need an “Ocean Angel”. As a musician while posting my podcast this morning, I thought of you while listening to my song “Ocean Angel’s Refrain” from my CD: “Unrequited”.

    I’m retired at 55 and have nothing better to do then row around my lake, compose music and I meditate; I will definitely place you confidently in my meditations; it is powerful stuff and beats the kind of prayers people say they but never really do. The invisible and powerful forces of the Universe will send you an “Ocean Angel” (or two) and place you under their protection; I give you “indispensable assurance” that you will get across and make it safely to calmer waters…Besides, the past days have shown how you make such great decisions and are incredibly intuitive. That power will serve you in any emergencies aboard.

    In the meantime here’s a pic or two of my lake and me and wishing I could give you some of these calm and gentle waters to row…

    Sincerely from Lake Kerr, Florida, Michael Guy

  • I take it you were at the back of the boat when you gave your self a ‘stern’ talking too! I do though bow to your wit madam!
    I have never ‘followed’ you before this voyage! The only reason is the fact that you had set sail (oars) from Geraldton and my son lives in that area. The name grabbed my attention and so yer I iz!
    So now it’s a case of:-

    Row, row, row your boat
    Across the open sea!

    While I sit back and take a nap
    And drink my cuppa tea!

    ( from my book “The Cruel Tea”)

    Well young lady that rows from Oz
    Hope your waters run clear!
    Have the winds at your rear!
    And stay Savagely strong to fight any fear!
    Because, because!
    Because you are ROZ!

    (from my other book “One Flew over the Crows Nest”)

    Looking forward to your next wave of news to make land fall and I will be following you on Facecloth, Twetter, Gurgle, Youtub etc.

    Good Luck, God Speed!

    KevintheUSA (expatbrit)

  • Roz..I am new to your ventures…but so glad we are lucky to be able to follow the “ups and downs” (sorry!) of your voyage. I have often had sleepless night in a calm, walm, dry bed worrying over something trivial…you have good reasson to allow yourself a worry from time to time!!!
    I am sure the equipment you have will see you through the days and weeks ahead….whilst your body may eventually be limited in its ability to go on…your spirit has no boundries. You are a wonderful inspiration, both in what you do and why you are doing it.
    Fair winds fair maiden 🙂

  • Roz & Rita, this is an incredible venture you two have committed to. What trepidations you must face, year after year. I salute you both.

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