Halifax, Yorkshire, UK

Ever envied a model for their beauty? Envy no more – you too can be beautiful. All you need is Photoshop. Take a look at this.

A friend sent this link to me today, with uncanny timing. This morning I went to see a therapist – a complementary, energy-working, spiritual kind of a therapist. I won’t even begin to catalogue my list of problems (amazing I still function at all, given how utterly bunged-up all my systems apparently are) but his fundamental ethos was that I need to love myself. And my body. Even the squidgy bits. Maybe ESPECIALLY the squidgy bits.

It’s not an easy thing to do, to totally accept myself as I am. The therapist also diagnosed in me a bad case of stubbornness and competitiveness. Competitiveness thrives on comparing myself with others. At least now I know that some of those others have been photographically enhanced, it makes me more forgiving towards my physical imperfections.

If you have time, read the forum on the Campaign for Real Beauty site – messages from teenage girls already feeling under pressure to be thinner, prettier, better dressed.

What kind of a crazy world is this, when we aspire to look like somebody who isn’t even real, somebody who exists only in softcopy, courtesy of photographic software manipulation?

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