Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

I’ve had my eye on the Body & Soul section of The Times ever since it first appeared as a new Saturday supplement several years ago. Body & Soul simply seemed to sum up what I’m into. And at last I’ve made it!

I am reliably informed by the freelance journalist who interviewed me 6 months ago that I am in today’s edition. I guess they must finally have run out of more interesting features and dug me out from the bottom of the pile. 🙂

Click here for the article online

Footnote: Some of the information is inaccurate and/or out of date. I won’t spell out all my corrections here, but the most important ones are:

– First and foremost: I was the 6th, not the 1st, woman to row
solo across the Atlantic.

– Not only friends are invited to rendezvous with me on the Pacific. Friends, strangers, anybody except pirates in fact, is welcome to follow my progress and if they happen to be in the area, I would love a visit.

– Since the stress fracture to my pelvis I have not been able to run, and may never do so again, so I am not going to be running a marathon in New Jersey next month.

– I was in fact a complete novice to sailing: my only waterborne expertise was in rowing, which is a very different ball game (?!)

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