Leeds, UK – Rita Savage

This was the title used by Yorkshire TV for a half-hour documentary they presented about Roz and her row across the Atlantic. It was the second part of their series entitled “Is it worth it?” It was first shown on British TV, channel 3 on 12th of March. It seems likely that it will be shown again on Thursday March 29th in the Yorkshire area at 11.30pm. Viewers in that area are advised to check the listings.

Many people have made comments to me about the documentary, and expressed their amazement at how she coped with the adventure. Although Roz says that it was the hardest thing that she had ever done, the message comes over clearly that it was indeed worth it.

In preparation for the film, Roz and I were filmed in Roundhay Park in Leeds and the picture shows the lakeside cafeteria in the background and a little bit of frozen snow on the path. A week or two later the cafeteria was badly damaged by fire. Nothing has been said about the boathouse, which is located beneath the cafeteria. I trust that it has survived. It was in a boat belonging to the Rowing Club based there that Roz was seen rowing in part of the film.

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