Leeds, Yorkshire

Today was spent performing for the cameras, on the water and off. YTV are making a documentary about my Atlantic row as part of their successful series ‘Is It Worth It?’. Today we recorded action shots and interviews to supplement the footage I shot on the ocean.

This morning I was out on the water in a foggy Roundhay Park. We were greeted by Richard from the recently-formed Leeds Rowing Club, who offered me the choice of a beginner’s boat or a racing shell. I’m now used to boats that are 6 feet wide and uncapsizeable so the beginner’s boat looked reassuringly stable, but hey, I’m brave enough to row an ocean – bring on the racing shell!

The boat is about 8 inches wide and relies on the oars for stability. If I ‘caught a crab’ with one oar I’d be in the water and swimming. I wobbled off nervously, reckoning that if I was going to fall in I may as well do it on camera and immortalise my embarrassment.

But I stayed dry and actually rather enjoyed it. In no time I was skimming around the lake while Tony the cameraman worked up a sweat keeping up with me with his huge camera.

Then it was back to Mum’s house so Mum and I could be interviewed on whether we thought my Atlantic row ‘was worth it’. My answer? You’ll have to wait for the show to go out in February to find out.

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