Woodside, California

I was hoping that Erden Eruc would be able to show me how it’s done – leaving San Francisco by rowboat. But unfortunately his first attempt ended in a rescue by the US Coast Guard – see Erden’s dispatch for full details.

Thank you, Erden, for the very informative account – this was a great help (and a Type-4 Coast Guard Approved Flotation Device has now been added to my shopping list. I have no idea who is going to throw it to me if I go overboard, but if it keeps the USCG happy, then I’m willing to buy one).

The problem is, what would I do any differently? It sounds as if the 20 knot onshore wind had not been accurately forecast, so it seems that Erden did everything right, and yet still could not get safely away from the coastline.

It will be largely a question of luck – whether the elements conspire to help or hinder me as I depart – but I am doing my best to manage my luck by consulting as many local experts as I can find.

[photo: courtesy of Erden Eruc]

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