Over the past three years I’ve got quite used to launching boats, but it’s been a long time since I launched a new blog. I’ve been sharing my life and adventures since 2003 over at RozSavage.com, but when it comes to Blogger I’m a newbie.

So, to my old readers, welcome to my new blog.

And to my new readers, welcome to my world.

And what an interesting world it is – not many people row across oceans for a living, and even when on dry land my existence as an off-season ocean rower is different from most. I’m rarely in one place for long, and I get to meet the most interesting and inspirational people – both on and offline. Life is rarely predictable, and certainly never boring.

I feel it would be selfish of me to live a life that I love without sharing it around a bit – hence my compulsion to blog, podcast, photo, video and Twitter, from sea and land. I hope you’ll come along with me – to share the adventure and enjoy the ride!

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  • Will this be your main ongoing blog? Now you will have another place to publish from during your next leg. How about the book(s). Will you write them from offshore too… live, so to speak?

    Blogspot works fine for me. I even posted on one of my blogs about you a while back (http://thelastgreatfrontier.blogspot.com).

  • Welcome one and all! I do like Blogger – although it has a lot more distractions than my old blogging platform at Sailblogs – all those tags and links and photos and fun things!

    Interesting idea, David. I suppose in essence I already do that, as my books are based on my blogs. I’m considering publishing my Atlantic blogs, raw and unedited, as an e-book. What do you think?!

  • Your blogs are definately an historical document whether on or offshore. Perhaps a dvd insert to this or a future book. It could include the blog, podcasts, video interviews with youself and others, maybe even an audio version of your book. The chapters and scene selection could be on an Atlantic map. This reminds me. On the Atlantic the tracking map was much better. When one pointed to a position, the blog for that day would pop up. And the tracking was more accurate. Using Quikscat and other satellite data we could see how the eddies, waves and winds were affecting you.

  • Hi Al – Golden Shellback is definitely on my list of things to do. I just got the report from my electrician in Hawaii and it seems that all my electrics are toast – even the things that are supposed to be waterproof. So the next time around I will be looking for more effective alternatives. Have just escalated my call to Golden Shellback to the top of my To Do list. Thanks for the reminder!

  • AH – I am thinking about issuing my raw, unedited Atlantic blogs + the Atlantic Rowing Race press releases + the entries from my logbook (edited if necessary for a family audience!) as a digital download from my website – hopefully next year. I’m hoping there will also be an audio version of my book after it is published next October.

    As for the tracking solution, we are working on a better solution for the next stage of the Pacific. As for the Atlantic, the idea is that it will integrate with the blogs so you can click the map and read the relevant blog for that day.

    Watch this space! (or rather, the rozsavage.com space…)

  • Here I am Roz……just for you! Not sure if my nick name is the tiny town I was raised in,(Lelia Lake) in Texas or I may get my Google account nickname as Rog! Greetings Pretty lady!

  • An ebook would be good. I’m sure a lot of great work over the years has dissapeared or become inaccesible on the web. A body of your work in a such a book would be useful and lasting. I’d also be interested to see what if any thoughts you express in a logbook(not too edited) that weren’t shared at the time as well as during the weeks you were out of touch.

  • That is such a great photo of you. Love it! Maybe you should use it as a cover photo for your book….which I cannot wait to read! As always, you are such an inspiration.

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