Once a year in New York City I dumped everything I owned into the street  a sort of annual cultural revolution. It is the only way to beat the beast in New York. It is the only way to avoid sacrificing bits of yourself to dead things. As soon as it starts to own you, dump it

Tristan Jones, Outward Leg

Things  it’s frightening how things accumulate. Let your guard drop, and before you know it you’re encumbered by them, planning your life around them. I resolved to un-clutter my life, and booked a stand at Battersea Car Boot Sale.

In the days before the sale I had a few moments of doubt. Would it turn out that the clown-shaped teapot I sold for 10p was actually a priceless antique? Would I ever have a need for that vegan recipe book? Might I one day grow into that British Lions sweatshirt that’s 4 sizes too big for me?

But no! I would be strong! Inspired by Tristan Jones, I cleared out everything from my storage facility, loaded it into my loyal camper van, Priscilla, Queen of the Road, and flogged the lot. Am now clutter-free and 227.26 richer. Liberated!

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