Barra de Navidad

Two bits of very good news. First, my bags have caught up with me in Mexico so I am now reunited with my hiking boots, new running shoes, heart rate monitor, and other less important things. I am relieved that I won’t be spending precious time going shopping to replace everything, and also that I won’t have to climb Kilimanjaro in brand new hiking boots.

Second, as of today, Sedna has been liberated from the grasp of Customs in the Port of Miami. Some very kind people in Florida have pulled out all the stops to retrieve her before I incurred any more storage charges – people I’ve never even met before. Daniel is the brother of Josh who works at Windsurfing magazine where Eric is a regular columnist. Their kindness in giving up time, effort and gasoline to help a total stranger is very much appreciated.

Now all I need is someone willing to drive her from Florida to San Francisco. I’m pursuing various lines of enquiry, including advertising on Craig’s List, but if anybody knows a possible volunteer do please let me know. I’m willing to pay $600 plus reasonable expenses for fuel and accommodation en route.

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