Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

The crew of Jangada spent New Year in a really pretty anchorage in Tenacatita with about 20 other boats. One of the boats organised a ‘raft-up’ – we all assembled in one place in our dinghies and lashed them together to create a floating platform. Everyone had brought drinks and finger-foods which we passed around between us. We celebrated the New Year at midnight ‘Zulu Time’ (the nautical standard time, same as Greenwich Mean Time) which was 6pm local time. A lot easier than trying to raft up in the pitch dark – although it was a glorious near-full moon so in fact it wasn’t too dark at all.

Then we went back to Jangada for a slap-up dinner, and lay out on the catamaran’s trampoline (the webbing between the two hulls) to watch the midnight fireworks from the resort on the beach.

After three long days at sea we’re now back in Nuevo Vallarta. We’re due to fly back to Portland tomorrow, but it all depends on whether the sale of Jangada is going through. If it is, we may need to stay an extra day or two to pack up everything from the boat. But I’m keen to get back to get on with writing and Pacific preparations. Six months to go, and so much to do!

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