Dunking is something I thought only happened to witches, but it seems it’s shortly going to happen to me. Through the generosity of the Royal Navy I’m going to be treated to the dubious privilege of a session in their Underwater Escape Training Unit in Yeovilton. It sounds ghastly –click here to find out all about it.

I had to arrange �5million of public liability cover for the occasion (evidently I’m a very big liability to the public), and the insurance company Besso wrote to me this morning to confirm the cover provided by Illium. Interestingly, “Premium will only become payable in the event of a claim. On completion of the training we will need your confirmation of no claims or incidents.”

Looks like a win-win situation – if I emerge intact there’s no fee. And if I don’t emerge at all then I’m not around to pay the premium. Bargain!

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