It won’t be long before Roz sees land again . . .
and it won’t be La Gomera.

03 March 2006

Great excitement today! this morning there was an email from a commercial ship: “Hey all, 2300Z (or thereabouts) March 2. I just passed Roz in position 17-01.145N X 058-05.393W. She sounds good, says she needs nothing and would appreciate it very much if I wouldn’t run her over with my 950 ft long ship. She asked a very understandable question as our conversation developed…”Do I sound sane to you, Martin?”…Ha! I couldn’t bring myself to say…’Well Roz, you did leave the Canary Islands in a rowboat three months ago’, so I said…’Sure!! Roz, it was a pleasure to talk to you.’ Martin”

There followed an exchange of emails as I enquired if there was any further crumb of information after two weeks of silence. One reply confirmed that the problem was indeed satphone failure. There was also a phone call direct from the ship, so Roz had obviously given them my telephone number in spite of the fact that she thought I might already be in Antigua. Thanks guys!

Further exciting news is that she is back above latitude 17 degrees and the wind is ESE, blowing her slightly north instead of south, for a change. Roz will probably have less than 200 miles to go by the time you read this message.

I have received some lovely messages from people in Antigua welcoming me and offering help in various ways. It will be wonderful to be there amongst them all.

Sponsored mile: Sebastian Pearey, your mile at 2739 is coming up very soon.

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